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Bulking Cycle


critique this cycle (broad as nothing is set in stone)


8 week cycle
Sust- 250mg first week, 350mg 2nd, 500 through week 6, 350 week 7 and 8

Win- 30mg/day week 2 through 8

considering either post cycle clomid 50 mg/day for 2 weeks post cycle or nolvadex tapering in mid cycle to post cycle

Please dont ask for stats, purpose, goals or anything else. Im asking for cycling information.

Any advice appreciated.


CRAP! Sust sucks. You obviously don't know shit otherwise you wouldn't be peaking it and tapering it. Your PCT sucks too. Next time read more and don't ask for people not to request goals and the like. This is a shitty cutting cycle at best, nowhere near a bulker.


Normally I find it hard to agree with emotional flaming posts. But I am afraid this one is completly justified.



bump!And LOL.


it still needs some fine tuning but you are on the right track.


If you are looking for a bulking cycle then this is the wrong thing for you.

Bulking would most usually take up a stronger test then sus. I had some good gains on it but nothing like enathate. You aren't takeing enough at a pyramid 250 up to 500 back to 350 in 8 weeks. PLus you don't want to bring winny in (if that is what you meant by win) on a bulking cycle.

Win doesn't do much other then make you very vascular, and since you want to bulk and get big...you will gain fat. I would save the winny for a cut cycle.

The biggest thing you need to understand that on a bulk cycle (if you are doing it right) you will gain some mass, fat, water (bloat), and of course muscle. There is just no way around that. You need to eat and eat and eat and eat and be on enouhg effective cycle ingredients to be a "bulk"

Hope that helps.


some people need to hear this: alot of us have read the same authors. believe it or not different "experts" sometimes hold different opinions- and most of us are really just repeating what they said. we didnt do the damn studies ourselves. so lets not write to people as if they know nothing and we invented the vagina.


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