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Bulking Cycle.

Stats in brief.
38 yo, 6ft , 190lbs, 10%bf.
6 years lifting , 4-5 previous cycles.
Currently cruising on 250mg of T and running 5iu of GH 5 days on 2 days off.
Previous cycles were recomp/cut Goal on next cycle is mass.

1-6 dbol 40mg ED
1-16 EQ 600mg
1-16 Test E 500mg
7-16 Tren E 400mg
15-20 Var 80mg ED
17-24 Test E 1000mg
HGH 5iu , 5 days on 2 days off.
Will use caber 0.5mg twice a week from week 7 to 20.

Am not prone to estro induced gyno but have aromasin and letro.
Back on TRT dose.
Training will be 2 days on 1 day off 3 days on 1 day off.
Calories will start at 4000 and gradually bump to 5000 (reasonably clean).
30/40/30 protein/carbs/fat


Suggestion: Half as much Test as Tren; 3/4 EQ to Test. The EQ will probably be fine, but I’d never run more test than Tren. And I’d keep a close eye on BP the first 6 weeks, but that’s just me.

Interesting choices. If it was me I would just run the dbol test and eq and HGH. save the Var and tren for the next cut. I would run the test at 1000mg off the start tho. Then lay off everything at 16 week point. you are on TRT though 24 week may not be a bad idea.

not much help I know just my 2 cents

Thanks bro’s…and more feedback welcome.

i presume using only half as much test as tren is because they are competeing for the same receptors ?

I bet I am going to sound like a dweeb because I am sure this is not what you are looking for, but make sure you have your nutrition in check.
Here is what I would if I was you food wise while on this cycle. Just putting this out there because I do not know your history.
A gallon of water a day is a definite.

At your weight and height 400 grams of protein would be optimum along with at LEAST 600 calories above maintenance mainly from carbohydrates and the 400 grams of protein.
Keep increasing your calories and protein as your progress through the cycle.

Good luck! Get to 220 pounds this winter and be ready to buy new clothes. haha

eh yeah man thanks, nutrition is well in-check.