Bulking Cycle Without Deca or Tren

I asked a very similar question a few weeks ago, but was also interested in finding things that wouldn’t be harsh on the hair line. I was worried about deca dick as well. After doing a ton of research and going back and forth I decided to try NPP. My thought was if I had sexual sides it would clear faster. I’ve added 200mg of NPP to 400 mg Test C and 150 Primo and believe it or not my libido and erections sky rocketed. @wsmwannabe gave me some good advice on adding P5P in, all is well so far about 2.5 wks in. I’m planing on adding 50mg Oxandrolone for the last eight weeks. If that changes in the coming weeks I’ll post, but I agree with what a lot of people have already said, you see posts on deca dick because people are looking for advice when it happens, but you don’t hear when it is going well.

True. But knowing my luck I’d definitely be one of the unlucky ones! :rofl:

And I may post in a few weeks about my swinging noodle lol. So far so good though lol. I did buy EQ, going to save that one for next cycle.

Nandrolone at the lower end doesn’t seem to cause floppy wang syndrome at nearly the same rate as higher doses. Nandrolone + test at a decent amount + a DHT appears to be a pretty wang-safe combo. But it’s always a roll of the dice.

How much are you taking? Just started 200mg spread throughout the day

I’m taking 50mg in the morning, ok so far.

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What’s the benefit of p5p?

Lowers PRL by raising dopamine. It’s a form of vitamin B6 and it’s possible to be deficient in it. I’m not sure of the exact mechanism tho, I should look into that. But I started feeling more ‘normal’ and energized when I started taking it

Ive found that it last for about 4 hours; 100mg about 5-6 hours. So I’m trying to spread it out. 100mg at once felt almost like Adderall

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Lowers prolactin? Is it a caber substitute? I use caber when on tren, I haven’t heard anyone say it was necessary with other compounds.

There’s a study with women that showed 300mg P5P daily for 30 days was more effective than Caber at lowering PRL. Without the side effects, unless you take too much. I think the upper limit on B6 is like 1000mg but you’d likely never need that much

I was running P5P at 200mg per day in the morning. In retrospect, maybe spreading it through the day would’ve been better, but overall I had a decent cycle on NPP.

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Trenbolone and Nandrolone does not raise prolactin, pay attention in what you’re doing.

And without them we have testosterone and boldenone for growth. And of course the oral ones like dianabol and oxy’s.

I’m going to need a source or two on this claim. Since it runs counter to what blood work and experiences say the burden of proof is a little higher than most things.