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Bulking Cycle Options?

I’m halfway through a cutting cycle consisting of
200mg test
500mg mast
20mg anavar ed
Getting great results. Lost a decent amount of fat and still making progress. The plan is to finish this cycle then eat at maintenance for a few months while at cruise dose before lean bulking on blast towards the end of the year.
This has been my first time using mast and I feel I’m responding very well to it so I’m considering adding a small amount to my next blast, has anyone done this with success? I have test, deca and dbol on hand but I’m happy to try other options, possibly eq. I dont want to mess with tren so no suggestions that include tren please. My last bulk cycle was 600 test and 300 deca. I’m 6’ 1" currently 215lbs at approx 13% bf.

I believe test, deca and dbol is the old school bulking regime no?

What I’ve always wondered is, can one cut on these “bulking agents”… say you dropped down to 7%BF on test/deca (dosed high)… what would you look like? Would you still look ripped/shredded and vascular or would one still look like a water balloon… have potato face etc

If 600mg test 300 deca worked last time… why not run the same thing again? Why fix what ain’t broke? That being said I’m not recommending anything as I don’t recommend compounds/dosages… that’s not something I’d be comfortable with

I’d imagine its possible, probably just more difficult to asses how much fat is being lost while on cycle? More water retention would make it harder to see visual fat loss progress I would imagine. This is my first time using a blast to cut on so I dont know first hand. I recently decided to make the switch from powerlifting to bodybuilding (at least for the time being) so I’ve been on an extended cut since September, the majority of which I was just on my regular trt/ cruise dose of 200mg test.

Why bulk or cut?

Oh yeah. Classic wet mass gainer. I did this when younger and it was the best mass gaining cycle I ever used. Now… I can’t handle deca = limp noodle. Go figure.