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Bulking Cycle Need Advice Please


I would like to get advice on the following cycle that i am planning on taking to bulk up.It is a 16 week cycle and will be my third cycle.
1) 3 x 1ml Testoviron(250mg/ml) p/w
2) 1 x 1ml Deca(350mg/ml) p/w
3) 4 x Dinabol(10mg/tablet) p/d for first 4weeks
4) 1 x proviron per day for whole course
5) 3iu x HGH per day (continue for 3 months after course)

For my pct i was thinking of taking.
1) 2 x Nolvadex p/d for 5 weeks
2) 1 x Aromasin p/d for 5 weeks
3) 20 iu Pregnyl first 10 days then 10iu for next 10 days

I would like to know if the pct is ok and weather i should also be using Clomid and when should i start my pct.Will it be ok to use HGH and HCG together when they overlap in my pct.

All advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hey bro, pretty good size doses there, you should read the test taper protocol thread for PCT advise. It should give you the insight you are looking for as it disusses more than just the test taper.

Good luck,



Thanks a lot for the advice i really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot for the advice. Checked it out and it really helped me a hell of a lot it all makes better sense to me now.


age, weight, BF%, height, years of training, previous AAS cycles.......etc


wow thats it