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Bulking Cycle, Looking for Advice


Im wanting to start a bulking cycle come beginning of the year what you guys think?

weeks 1-5

Test prop 75mg ed
Dbol 50mg ed
deca 250mg monday am, thursday pm

weeks 6-10
test cyp 250mg monday am, thurday pm
deca 250mg monday am, thursday pm

weeks 8-12
test cyp 250mg monday am, thursday pm
winstrol 75mg ed

i normally stay relatively dry off test but am adding the winstrol in the end just to shed any
extra water weight from the dbol, deca

have adex and nolva on hand


I don't understand why you would use prop and then switch to cyp in the middle of your cycle. Your T levels are going to tank horribly until you get your blood levels back up, which will take 3-5 weeks with cyp.

Just run cyp from the start. If you don't want to wait for it to kick in, you can run Cyp and Prop the first 5ish weeks and then drop the prop. But I think 50mg of Dbol is more than a good enough kick start.


your saying just drop the prop completely? i wanted something to keep up with the short ester of the dbol... but does make sense ill probably just end up running cyp the whole time


No, OVERSTAND is telling you to run the prop with the cyp from day 1 week 1 and then once the cyp is active (I think it is like 3wks for that ester) you can reduce your prop injections gradually or all together.
Like so--->

Week 1-6 (or wk1-4) Tprop @ 75mg ed
Week 1-12 Tcyp @ 500mg a wk

In addition, most lifters agree that using an oral like dbol will be more efficient if use is started after your test is active, almost synergistically. Starting your dbol on wk 2 when your Tprop should be active and blood levels stabilized could be more effective in some opinions but i cant actually cofirm this with any articles/research. If you started the dbol on wk2-wk6 you could space 2wks in between the time you start your stanzolol.
Wk2-6 Dbol 40mg ed
Wk8-12 Winstrol 75mg ed

Sry i didnt include anything about the deca but it looked good so why fuck with it


you are going to want to use .5mg adex eod tapering off into pct and use the nolva for pct..if that wasn't obvious..

but about your cycle..why use winstrol on a bulker? If you are interested in gaining weight then just stay with the dbol. In my experience you piss out all of the water weight in the first week or so after your cycle ends.


Week 1: Frontload 1g Test cyp
Week 1: Frontload 1g Deca
Week 2-12: Test Cyp 250mg 2x per week
Week 2-10: Deca 250mg 2x per week
Week 1-5: Dbol 50mg per day
Week 8-12: Winny 75mg per day
Week 1-12: HCG 250iu 2x per week
Week 14: Start PCT

Use Adex and Nolva as needed, you can throw in the prop the first 2 weeks and the last two weeks if you want. I would also consider starting the dbol at least 2 or 3 weeks in, it will be much more effective.