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Bulking Cycle: Logs


Today I'm starting my bulking cycle. I have bulked a few times before but I havent been compltely satisfied with the results. This time round, I plan to do everything perfectly in order to attain the best gains possible.

I'm the kinda guy who will try and get the best out of something, i.e. steroids, with the smallest possible side effects. I see this as a challenge and therefore I NEVER go into a cycle without the correct safety measures and correct PCT waiting for me at the end of the course.

This is the cycle I am starting today.

Week 1-4: BD Anadrolic - 50mg ED
Week 1-12: Sustanon 250 - 500mg EW
Week 1-12: Aromasin - 25mg ED
Week 1-12: Nolva - 20mg ED
HCG - use if needed.
Nolva: Week 13-16: 60, 40, 40, 20
Aromasin: Week 13-16: 25mg ED

Now, I know from research that liver support is highly reccommended when using Anadrol. I have looked up about various forms of this and found 2 that caught my eye. I see that many BB use milk thistle. However, as I furthered my research, this came up,


Its a good read for any pro BB or novice. It highlights the faults of using milk thistle, which leads me to believe it is not the liver support I should take. Another i have come across is Liv-52. I have used this in the past to good effect. Could someone reccommend any others which I should be considering?

Any constructive critisism would be gratefully appeciated.


P.S. Pictures will be up soon.


I will post pictures every saturday throughout my cycle.

Week 1:


Week 1 cont..


Week 1 cont...


Week 1 cont...


how tall..are you?


5ft 7in, 185lbs. Why?


The fact you have your drug choices laid out is great,and you seem to have your pct planned as well,good for you..You've failed to lay out the most important part of any bulk or cut, your diet..whatchu got planned??


Split into 5 meals a day, first 3 meals are 50/30/20 with the fats being mainly mono-saturates. Last 2 meals are 60/10/30. This means I get high protein with every meal and still get carbs to fuel heavy lifts. I consume carbs in the form of brown rice and veg. Protein is white fish, tuna, shakes and the odd steak as a treat. Im on roughly 4000 kcal a day.


Good fats are in the form of peanut butter and flaxseed oil.


I'm not expert, but I notice the following, IMO, faults about your cycle:

-Aromasin seems way too high. Most people are only using 12.5 mg EOD or E3D. Have you had bad estrogenic effects in the past such that you know you need such a high dose? If not, I would probably start at 12.5 EOD and adjust from there.

-No need to run a SERM on cycle, unless as stated before you have had bad estrogenic sides/gyno in the past. I would have it on hand and use it if gyno flared up, but with your aromasin dose, you should be good to go.

-I always recommend running hcg while you are on cycle, especially if you have/plan to run multiple longer length cycles in your lifetime. It will keep your nuts functioning for the multiple 12+ weeks. Starting in Week 3 at 250 iu 3x/week is about right.

-I would taper my aromasin dose during PCT


Yeah Ive had pretty aggressive gym in the past so I did some research and decided on 25. However, I have altered that recently to 20mg. Yeah ive got HCG on hand so Ill definitely run it from week 3 onwards. And yes I forgot to put that on my cycle list, I would be tapering aromasin.

Thanks for the help VT.


Also, as I have only got 5000iu Pregnyl as HCG, How would you recommend splitting the doses to do 250iu 3x a week?


Photos will be put up tomorrow.


Would probably be easier to just use 500 twice a week. Unless you want to cut it with more BAC water.


Its been a week since I started the course and here are the next batch of photos taken today.


Week 2 cont...


Week 2 cont...


Week 2 cont...


Your bulking son, up your cals, your getting less than 3000 cals a day. you needa increase your carbs by at least 1 1/2 times what your getting..