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Bulking Cycle Leading into Cutting/Prep Cycle

I am going to be starting my 5th cycle in December and wanted some input on what everyone thinks. I have only ever used one pure bulking compound before anadrol and had good results but it was during a recomp phase. I am now intending to do a bulk cycle that will last me 8weeks followed immediately by a show prep cycle for a regional comp ( to re-qualify for provincials) followed by provincial championships the following week. I am currently 14% bf and am weighing 220lbs at 6’1 28 years old and compete in classic physique. The cycle will be as follows;
week1-8: test e 600mg/ week, deca 400mg/week, dbol 30mg ed, and aromasin 1 tab/day
week 9-16: test prop 100mg eod, tren ace 100mg eod, oral Helios 2tabs/day, aromasin 1tab/day, pramipexole 1 tab/night.
week12-16: test prop 100mg eod, tren ace 100mg eod(300mg night before contest), oral winnie 50mg/day(100mg last 4days of before contest), oral Helios 2tabs/day, aromasin 1tab/day, pramipexole 1 tab/night.
The helios will be dropped 5 days before contest and aromasin will be replaced with letro 5 days before contest.

It seems you have a decent layout and plan. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.

I don’t think I like the idea of injecting 300 mg tren the night before the contest. You’re not going to see any additional hardening effects and it could mess with your conditioning on stage. If youre not dry enough by then the extra androgens aren’t gping to help. Unless you have personal experience with that method before I would not choose to do that.

I’m not sure what Helios is specifically but other than that pretty solid. The only way you’ll know if the 16 weeks works is if you try it.

Thanks appreciate the input. Helios is a fat burner which is yohimbine hcl, nicotine, caffeine, and albuteral. works like clen but without the crazy shakes and jitters.

Ah, ok, good to know. Thought it may have been a UG brand name for halo.

The big thing I’d think about is that your contest cycle is significantly less in terms of total androgens per week than the offseason one you put up. If that works well for you then there’s no reason to change it, but some people reverse that due to caloric restrictions in contest diet (not the compounds, the total doses get higher in precontest and lower in offseason when you have calories helping you grow). I have no opinion on it either way, just giving some food for thought.