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Bulking Cycle Help


Hello everyone, im here to get iluminated by your wisdom about steroids use, im planning on running my 3rd cycle.

Im a really hard gainer and i need some gear to help me reach my goals, i eat ALOT and i cant get to gain weight, so im planning on a diet with lots of carbs and calories plus steroids to reach my goal.

Height : 1.93 cm; weight: 87 kg; age: 29


Just google best bulking cycle 2018 everyone here has their favs so Its like asking whats the best Ice cream flavor…For me I like a big test cycle 600-1000 test cyp does the trick


Test, Deca, and Dbol is a known success. Gotta watch out for E2 sides from the Dbol and prolactin sides from the Deca though.


I was thinkng test/tren/anadrol

i never used deca, but i read on the forums that is really bad and you end with lots of fat and water retention


This is wrong. Some old school pros actually used deca right pre contest. In fact I know some guys who cut on deca. It’s all diet. Not drugs.

That being said. I love test e tren e eq with dbol kick. Just saying. Haha.


In my opinion, Tren is the king of all steroids but it comes with a price. For me, I could handle the night sweats, crazy appetite, pumps, etc. Apparently, though, it caused me to have bad anxiety and made me someone my wife did not like. So, no more Tren for me.


Did you try ED shots? I found by pinning Ed the rage & trensomnia pretty much stopped…Also tren by it’s self = head rush & cough…Feels like heart attack… but mixed with test totally fine… How much did you run? It is super strong & sides brutal… t’s like a sluty gf you know she’s gonna be trouble but u gotta have her. Ohh tren you tricky bitch


Yea I always had better luck with tren ed shots mixed with test. And she is a wicked bitch my god


i am aiming for
test a 40mg/ed for 12 wks
tren a 60mg/ed for 10 wks
tbol 100mg/ed wk 1 - 6

but i dont know which pct should i do and what should i take during the cycle


No, Never tried ED shots. I was running Tren Eth so I pinned twice a week with my Test.

How much did you run? I honestly cant remember but I think my tren was 200mg/ml and I think i was running 400/week.

I showed my wife y’alls hilarious post about Tren being a tricky bitch. She LOL’s but gave me no indication she was willing to the let bitch back in the house!


Your a brave man showing yur woman you juice…My ex wife shit bricks when she saw el pharmacia
Fyi I always heard Tren Ace better then eth because of its fast action…more sides with eth…Im sure others with more knowledge can elaborate. But yea When trens in yur blood shes in control dont get it twisted


Hell, my wife pins me! And she’s ok with about 2 blasts a year. She even tried a little test herself but she felt it made her voice deepen. I was cool with it because it made her clit grow some but she freaked and stopped. I may get her on HGH to help her slow the effects of aging


WHat are you current macros?

Without that info we can’t help you