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Bulking, Cutting, Maintaining diets..?

I’m finally starting out on Monday. I’m 170lbs now, 6ft, semi-lean.

I want to gain as much muscle as possible w/ minimal fat gain for the next 2.5 months…

Then I want to cut down to 5% bodyfat, no matter what weight i’m at.

Once I get to 5%, I just want to maintain until late fall, trying to gain muscle keep bodyfat the same… Then i’ll go on more of a real bulk.

What type of diets would be best for each phase? I’m a complete beginner, 17, 170lbs. I’d like to get to around 180-185lbs before I cut but that might noy be possible–gotta be optimistic though =)

Training for each phase? For the bulk, just intense, lifting 4 days week? For the cut what should I do? And maintanence?

What other advice would you give me? What foods should I avoid? Only supplement i’m taking now is whey and a multivitamin. Is meal timing important or is it just overall calories? My school has pretty crappy lunch, I might just start skipping it.

Go to the FAQ section of the site and read it all, everything you need to know is there. I know it takes time but what you learn is priceless.


I’ve read a ton of articles and I read that FAQ a few months back.

I was just wondering if any individuals here had success bulking – gaining muscle and not adding much fat with a particular diet? Same with cutting and maitenence…

I heard german body comp was good for cutting, I think i’ll try that… not for sure about the diet, I was thinking of maybe a CKD but I want your guys’, the ripeed T-men, opinions…


Ok, I’ll help you out.
From my experiences and to what I do now, and look to for info are John Berardi’s articles. I highly recommend you read his massive eating writtings and his appetite for construction. As far as workouts go there are ton here! I have not yet gone on a full blown bulking phase yet, though I have used Ian Kings workouts in college during track season. They worked. Just look around read the workout info and follow the one you feel fits you.

Da Boxer

Anyone heard of DC training? I think I might try that… It’s similar to HST.

One are are u serious are u running circles on us again I remember last time that we talked that you were suppose to start but you haven’t. Remeber anything you do will work because your a beginner. And you will get the fastest results within your first year of lifting. Please I am not trying to flame you or discurage you. Just that I don’t think you really learned anything we talked about last time we discuss this.

Like, I said before we want you to do it the right way and not the wrong.