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I was wondering, how long are you supposed to bulk before cutting(or other way around), health-wise. I’m only thinking about this in terms of what is best for your body. Because im hearing about some instances where bodybuilders/powerlifters have died because they were always changing their bodies so much. Though im sure there are probably other bigger reasons for their bodies to give up.

I my self have probably fluctated to much in weight during some periods and think I have to get this better under control. Or what to you guys know about this stuff, are there any other posts or articles that have addressed this topic maybe?

Until you look too fat to yourself? (psycological health)

Or until you can’t walk up the stairs without getting out of breath?

I think the too fat point with regards to health is further than optimal for muscle gain > cutting to definition.

I’m just speculating.

bulk until it effects your peroformance and goal to much so in a negative way same for cutting.