Bulking, Cutting, and Recomp

Hi everyone im new here, im currently 215lbs. 5 11, with about somewhere between 15-16% bodyfat, i want to compete in bodybuiding and i compete in strongman and im 17yearsold.

My question is i want to of course gradually gain size and strength but at the same time most of my body fat i have is accumilated around my chest/and alot of lower ab fat, i used to be overweight as a kid, and a guy at my local gym told me to try carb cycling as he claimed with a little cardio, it could slowly allow me to increase strength with hard lifting, and slowly lower bf, i was just wondering what your thoughts were on this? Thanks alot

I was once in your position lad. Ah yes, the day I was 187lbs. Okay, jimbo you seem to have alot of goals and aspirations but you need to take baby steps towards them. Sounds cliche but its the truth. As far as fat loss is concerned its all about intake and exhaust at this point. How many calories in and how many out (burned).

A little cardio wont do, IMO. Choose a machine, introduce yourself to it and make it your friend. I prefer to do mine on empty first thing in the morning but you can do it anytime of the day after weights. 25 minutes at 65-70% and working up to 40 minutes. EOD or 5 days per week, its up to you and how your body responds. As far as diet is concerned I would up the protein intake, limit carb consumption to morning and pre and post workout. What does your diet look like ie macro break down, meal timing, meal number. Everything can be traced back to the diet, IMO. Cheers


I disagree with GB…If your trying to be a bodybuilder and/or a strongman you need to really take advantage of your youth. You may be a tad overweight now but, if you start lifting hard 4-5 days a week you will see significant changes. You were overweight before probably because you were not actively training like you are now (I am assuming you have not been working out long???). Keep lifting hard eating sensibly and getting ample protein the rest will fall into place.

well i dont have alot of fat but its like baby fat in weird places, ive been training hard for almost 2 years, my best lifts are 485 deadlift, 315 for 10 on squat, and 225 for 8 on incline bench, and i can do the 100lbs.

dumbells for overhead presses 4-5 times, but i just dont wanna get weak or flat looking if i cut, i just wanna slowly lose fat, ive been losing fat up until now, the hard lifting isnt really doing it anymore, maybe just add in HIIT cardio

oh my diet as of now is more towards bulking,
around 4000 or more a day,

3eggs, 7whites, oatmeal and fruit
granola and protein shake
chicken and rice stir fry veggies
two whole wheat, nat. PB and J sandwiches, banana
after workout 5tbs. gatorade mix and 3scoops syntha 6
tuna and rice with veggies
pre-bed shake, casein and whey, nat. Peanutbutter, milk, eggwhites

with every meal i always have 1-2 cups skim milk

Hmnnn not a bad diet overall, still, that 2 PBJ sandwiches with the banana is a pure carb meal,… where’s your protein source? Gaining or losing, you want protein at every feeding (a cup of skim milk won’t hack it).


I guess that meal is more towards energy for the gym haha i get def. agree with the protein at every meal thing, also tho PB and J is cheap as hell and doesnt cost my rents to much haha but def. agree with u stu