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Bulking Calories

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to lifting. I’m only a teenager, almost 16 years old. I’ve been lifting for about a year, but I trained off and on. I’ve only been seriously lifting for about 4 months without really any change to my diet. I decided that I want to start eating healthy and properly so that I can gain some mass.

I’m about 5’11 and I’m 215 at about 15% body fat. Now, getting to my question… I’ve been reading articles on this site for a couple months now, and I keep getting different answers. How much calories should I be taking in to gain mass?

I’m reading stuff like… 2500 ,3000, 4000 and even 5000.
I just want a straight answer.

Pick a number, probably 3500-4000, although you sound pretty big for 5’11 and you will probably need more. Record your diet, if it goes in your mouth you write it down and chart it somehow. Every week, weigh yourself. If you gained weight good, if you lost weight or didn’t gain, up your calories. If you see yourself putting on a lot more fat, without the strength/mass gains for it, add some cardio or lower your calories a bit.

Everybody is different, and there is no straight answer. You just have to learn what your body needs to grow.

Since your only 16, you have a lot of time to worry about all that as well. I don’t see anything wrong with doing it, but you should probably be focused on more important things. Just eat big and clean, lift hard, and you will do fine.

Thanks man. You were a big help.