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Bulking Calories on Cycle

5’11 195 lifting for 3 1/2 years, just finished cutting on tren and feel like i’m in a low enough bf% to bulk up these last 2 weeks of the cycle and keep bulking while cruising on test e for 3-4 months. I checked my TDEE and maintenance calories were 3500 calories and 4000 for bulking but since I lift 7 days a week 2-3 hr/s each workout and try to go heavy everyday+gear I feel like I can be eating way more. Will 4500cals, 1000 over maintenance put on too much fat or will I be good2go.

Really not necessary and far from optimal. Take at least one whole day off a week and try a program off this site by guys like Paul Carter or Thibadeau and you will blow up.

4000 cals with your stats is plenty, no need to go over.