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Bulking by T-Nation Standards


Hello all

First of all, Im a portuguese bodybuilder, im about 178cm, at 73kg, 16%BF. I was 60 kg when I started +- 1 year ago, though I go to the gym about 3 years.

I guess this is a though road for learning.

I come to this forum once in a while, and I notice that your mindset is much wider concerning food. I mean, normally, everywhere you see something like "dont eat garbage!" "only eat clean foods" "stay away from beer, not even one a year!!" "dont eat fast food" etc etc

When I come here, I see people talking about alcohol, and eating at macdonalds, and it seems to be fine to everyone.

For my experience, during the time I ate dirty, I had the most impressive results, but also my BF really increased. Once I cleaned up my diet, and I mean REALLY CLEANING IT UP, I had gains but slower gains.

What's your opinion here about this??? And why do I find people in this forum which think it is OK to have some alcohol and "bad" foods??



Idk about the alcohol, but eating dirty makes it easier to get the calories in.


But, a calorie is a calorie, OR, the source of the calories really counts?


Of course it counts, 500 calories of cake isn't the same as 500 calories or chicken.


but if youve got your protein and fat in for the day but carbs are sitting really low and its post workout, eat the cake. dave tates recent article said smash a bag of skittles post workout before even leaving the gym. lol.

maybe t nation does have a different view on bulking but the proof is in the pudding. we have the most rugged fuckin members around. sure, we might not take sexy self shots that make us look hyuuuuge at 120lbs like on bb.com but we have members that are moving weights that those kids have only ever seen hanging out plate holders.

bottom line, muscle is fuckin hard to build but an extreme amount is even harder to build so why not pull out all the stops for a couple years get as big as you can and worry about being fat later. who gives a fuck. embarassed of a little belly or some man titties? get a bigger fuckin t shirt.


LOL I can see the point.

Sometimes it's cool to hang around tnation for some time. Makes me feel less guilty about some sins I make in my diet.

BB.com is nice, pulls out some great articles, problem is that sometimes it seems that I cant even have sex that it will affect my gains...

I guess each one must move towards what works for him/her.

Thanks for the replies folks :slightly_smiling:


nah, bro. you've got to be aesthetic at all times. if you can't see abs, urdoinitwrong


Man titties?

If you got man titties you're fucking fat. Time for a cut.


I'd say only eat dirty if you can't gain weight eating relatively clean, and I don't think it's all that hard to get a good clean diet to work. Just because you are bulking, doesn't mean you should grant yourself the freedom to eat anything you please whenever you please.




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When bulking, you should not be taking advantage of the fact that you are in a caloric surplus by eating shitty foods and justifying them as okay IMO. However, because you are trying to put on muscle mass and as such are eating more, eating crappy food, or having a "cheat" meal is fine as long as your diet is not comprised of cheat meals. You can get plenty of calories from good, whole foods, and you do not have to resort to crappy food in order to gain weight. This is simply not true. It is EASIER to gain weight if you eat badly, but you will not retain as much muscle. Bodybuilding is a long term committment. Don't expect to gain 50-100 pounds in a year and that be it. Consistent gains throughout years and decades are what make top physiques.


sarcasm ...




ok then :slight_smile:

hey, and thanks for all your answers, I can understand your point clearly now.

You guys are BB.com rivals or something?


I guess 1 lb a week would be considered 'slow' gains, but that's the rate I grow at on a clean bulk.


Not rivals, more like the older brother that is less famous but bigger, stronger, better looking, more intelligent, and the parents love him more.


I guess you haven't been clean bulking for many months...


A pound a week = slow gains? 52 pounds in a year is slow gains?

I think everyone underestimates how much a pound of muscle really is. If I could add 15-20 pounds of pure muscle in a year, I wouldn't be recognizable to people who hadn't seen me during the course of that year, that's a lot. 52 pounds in a year as natty and I'd be fat without a doubt.


A good pound a week is great. Think about how much 1 lb of muscle is. Your body will look much better if you focus on gaining good weight. 10-20 lb of muscle in the course of a year for a natural is amazing and will completely change the way your physique looks.


lol i was exaggerating for effect.