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Bulking but Stagnating

Hi, guys!

New to the forum and hoping to become a contributing member. I have a few questions regarding nutrition but, first, some stats: I am 30 y.o. 6’5”, 216 lbs and approx. 12% body fat.

I am struggling to gain weight: I eat at least 4000 cals a day (but I try to eat 4500). Of these cals 45% are carbs, 35% prots, 20% fats.
Most I’ve ever weighed was 225 lbs (still w/12% bf) but my goal is to reach around 242 lbs @ 10% bf. Currently on 500mg/wk Test Cyp.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.

If on gear and not gaining …yeah something is amiss

training: do this…

up your good fats and load up on mid workout supps /nutrition. Perfect world get some Biotest product but juice+bcaas/ water down whey isolate/ karbolyn or whatever you can get your hands on. basically this…

You may not be tracking correctly and not be eating as much as you think you are. Whether you are or aren’t if you are not gaining you need to eat more. It is as simple as that. The calories are not magically disappearing.

Yes, you’re not eating enough calories. Calorie intake is the be-all, end-all of weight gain. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

At your height, weight, and relatively low bodyfat, you have plenty of room to go hard on the food. First guess is you’re trying to eat too clean. You’re not going to get 4,500 calories from chicken breast, oatmeal, and spinach. There’s zero reason why you’re not crushing a steak burrito (or two) post-workout, grabbing the occasional double-cheeseburger for lunch, or mindlessly munching on M&M-laden trail mix throughout the day.

Second issue is that, if your numbers are correct, you’re sticking to a fairly low-fat diet. That’s the easiest way to add calories to your diet. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter twice a day… boom, there’s a quick 400 calories. Two Pop Tarts with a glass of milk and a scoop of protein… almost 600 calories, fast and tasty.

Also get your workout nutrition in order, since that’s a time when your body can put fast-acting protein and carbs to best use. A simple and inexpensive approach would be Surge Recovery. A 2-scoop serving is 350 calories. Some people have used two servings in a workout, one serving during training, the other immediately after.

Why, when your diet hasn’t been sorted out first? At your size, there was plenty of potential to grow naturally.

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I use that myfitnesspal app that does the tracking for me. Now, I know that the cals aren’t magically disappearing, it’s just that I think that it is incredible that I “can’t” gain at a caloric intake of 4k+. I mean, it should suffice for nearly everyone?

Appreciate the response. Well, I have a reduced fat intake simply because I don’t want the juice to kill me (cholesterol and all that).
My diet is:
450g rolled oats
500g semi-skimmed milk (0.5% fat)
80g whey
600g Jasmin-rice (600g boiled)
400g chicken fillet
200g minced beef (6% fat)
200g boiled potatoes
4 egg-whites omelette
50g peanut butter
10g walnuts

I eat AT LEAST this every day. Now, I’d be more than happy to up my fat intake but I am scared that it’ll kill me. If you are giving me the green light to just gorge, I will be more than happy to do so.

Alright. Just a little update: following Chris’ advice I “dirtied” it up a bit by including more fat and now the weight has started moving again. I switched out skimmed milk with full-fat (4%), added peanut butter and just started eating extra stuff.

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