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Bulking Belly


This is a thread for all those people who bulk and gain bulk bellies post your stats.

38inches at the widest part of my belly w00t, lol not really all the fat gets stored in my midsection Genetics suck...

Anyways post your stats




And uh, what's your chest measure?


I hope your joking... Or are you that much of a retard?


41 inches and my hips are 41 inches as well i look goofy


he double posted.... but both times the measurements are different....



This coming from the guy who made a thread about being afraid to bench 185 lbs ... with a spotter.


4'11" 480lbs waist=?? but a tv has been orbiting it for a week. hehehehehe awwwww hehehehhe awwwww heheheh


oh snap...zing


42 inch chest
31 inch waist

Oh wait, did I do that wrong ?



I don't have that much of a gut(although my midsection has definately gained some fat) but after breakfast I seem to be constanlty bloated form eating so much and drinking so much milk...
It does disappear for a while after na epic shit though...

God I love bulking.


A 38 inch waist with a 41 inch chest? Are you sure you have you got the hang of this bodybuilding thing yet? There is no way a chest of 41 inches justifies a 38 inch waist.


Im trying to recomp at the moment I was eating to much with not enough intensity and gained some fat, I am at 20% percent body fat so im not Obese but I do need to lose fat.


My last bulk I got up to 252lbs. with a 38" waist. My chest measured around 55" though. That was a fun bulk. I probably won't go so wild this time. Got a show in about 3 weeks. I think that I'm gonna go back to a more scientific approach to my bulk. Although, there is something to be said for the fun factor when you're allowing yourself to eat whatever you want and forcing it in large quantities!


When i said 38inches i meant 38inches at the Naval not the waist my bad. My waist is about 36.5 inches.


That's what I was talkin' 'bout when I said 38. Right at my belly button. Heh, not anymore! Just taped at 31" at the navel. I'm about 11 weeks into this diet. 3 to go then it's showtime!


6ft 220 lbs 45" chest 38" waist. This is as big as I'm letting my waist get. I'm going to try and do some recomp to see if I can drop and inch or 2 before I continue my bulk. I put on 30 lbs since November when my waist was 35".


Yeah - Accidentally exited out about a second after I hit "submit," so I figured it didn't go through. But then I forgot what numbers I put... but hey - that's what smoking too much weed will do to you.

Good post for a real winner of a thread.


wtf? what does 330 at 5'2 look like.

pics please?


6'1 at 220 lbs...36 inch waste.

up from 185 last summer.