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Bulking - Baked Beans


ROFL this may be a stupid question,

but would eating loads and loads and loads of tins of baked beans be good for bulkin but still remaining healthy?

A tin of beans contains:
300 calories
19g of protein
54g of carbo
1g of fat
15g of fibre
1.4g og sodium
3.8g of salt

thnks lol


Beans in general are healthy, plenty of fiber, a decent protien source, etc. But I wouldn't eat load and loads of them, especially with as much sodium that's in this particular brand.

As always, everything in moderation.


bit too much salt...just drink more water :wink:


This is what i was thinking:

Breakfast (9am)
Tin of beans + 2 cups of water

dinner (3pm)
containing alot of protein (fish) and vitamins
2 cups of water

tea (8pm)
Tin of beans + 2 cup of water

I got plenty of water there, but i dunno if that would be enough to bulk up. Any tips???


that might be enough for an 8 year old girl to put on some pounds.

You gotto EAT MORE to put on weight, as in add that to whatever you eat now if you want to see anything in the form of results. You gotto eat to grow, and with that amount of calories (estimated at about 600 kcals + one meal... so like 1800 kcals at best) you probably will shrivel up like a raisin.

Also, relying on beans will give you some major GAS issues. Then there's that whole thing where beans are not a complete protein, so you'd be well off to throw in plenty of almonds and walnuts in there for the omega3s and to "complete the protein."

PS. You will get tired of eating that many beans after about 1 week.


beans sure great BUT you need to add rice, Both of them are incomplete protein source that compliment one another to make a complete protein.


So basically you told me to hit chipotle every day to bulk up. I can do that....

Oh wait, I already do.


Unless you have hypertension there is absolutely no reason NOT to gorge yourself on salt.


Get the beans in a bag and make them yourself. A bag will cost about 40 cents and supply carbs, protein, and lots of fiber. I love eating bean sandwiches! ahhaa


you will have gas 20 hrs. a day, but other than that they would prolly be ok with an adequate amount of water. :slightly_smiling:


a lot of salt in the tinned ones though.


im a dumbass but what actually is the difference between sodium and salt?


Oh my god I don't think so.
This is what i've had today

1 Large Bowl of organic rich muesli
2 slices of wholemeal bread with yeast extract spread
2 Egg whites
1 tangerine
Fish oil capsule

Mid morning
small chocolate bar
2 egg whites
Pint of milk

120 grams macaroni
2 egg whites
a tin of beans
1 slice peanut butter on toast
1 carrot
2.5 grams of powdered creatine
1 mug of green tea

Post Lunch
2 Scoops of a crappy whey protein, mixedwith half milk and half water (Grow! isn't available) (sounds disgusting, eh?) + another tangerine

Afternoon meal
1 Bowl of rich Organic muesli
1 cheese sandwich (2 slices wholmeal bread)
1 marmite or peanut butter sandwich
a few cucumber slices
an apple
a small chocolate bar

Dinner (evening meal)
Could be anything, ie, spaghetti bolognese, chicken breast with veg, steak with veg, you get the idea...

late evening
1/2 glass milk
1 apple

half hour before bed
1 and half scoops whey protein with milk

i hope you see from this that you are not eating enough, i don't know how many calories what i've listed is but i know its enough, for now..


Beans are awesome man. Add them to your regular diet as a protein source but dont depend on them as being the only source. I prefer red kidney beans (or black eyed peas - beans or peas?). Not much taste to them but contain less crap than the baked beans.

This will also give you the perfect excuse to rip it up in front of your old lady. Just tell her they are a required stable of your diet and you cant help it. You be amazed to find out what you can get away with.



Ahhhhhhhh...my favorite bulking food


Chipotle is the shit but Trainer, how is this keeping in line with your clean bulk we discussed yesterday?

You guys are making me hungry and I am eating right now..


Same here... and I live in DC so we have plenty!


Every corner is a Starbucks and a Chipotle. I love this city. Tell me where you hang out I would like to hang out with T-people in real life.

AA, I cleaned it up. Working on the clean bulk. Check the other thread I posted how your shake did for me, and my intakes on the day.


just make sure you don't eat a can of beans w/in a few hours of sleeping with your girl. Rippin one under the covers at night is a quick way to end up sleeping on the couch!


Sodium is one of the two elements in ordinary table salt. The other is chlorine. Roughly half the weight of salt is from sodium, so if you add a gram of salt to your food, you would be adding about 500mg of sodium.