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Bulking Back Up During a Cruise + SARMS After a Cut Cycle

Hi I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with this. So I did a cut cycle for about 12-14 weeks. I let myself get a little too depleted a few times and lost a bit of muscle. Not a lot but definitely some. I’m now cruising with 250 test a week and am curious if I will be able to gain this muscle back. Not necessarily bulking but eating slightly above maintenance. Curious if I will fill back out a bit or if my best hope is to just hold on to what I’ve got. I’m also running Mk 677, yk11, Lgd 4033, and Ostarine. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

Probably, 250mg test/wk is on the low end of supraphysiology… TRT doses (generally, depends on the individual) cut off at 200mg weekly… so 250mg is JUST above a high end “TRT” dose

This is stupid, and this isn’t a cruise… SARMS in terms of risk appear to be no better than AAS… the trials in which were conducted with sarms, esp lgd show a massive drop in SHBG, increased LDL, decreased HDL etc at only 1-3mg daily… think about the dosages you’re using

Then there’s yk11, in which there have been ZERO human trials conducted upon… very few anecdotes… all around you’re taking a fat risk… but yes, you’ll put you’re “lost gains” back on because you’re not cruising, you’re running a continual cycle

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Gotcha thanks for the advice man. It was kind of a weird situation, I wasn’t planning on cruising but I have decided to. The sarms were originally to run to bridge cycles. I was wondering if it would make more sense to cut them out but this is my first cruise so I didn’t really know if I needed anything extra to hold onto my muscle etc. I’m not very knowledgeable about Sarms, tried them once in the past, and didn’t really weigh the risks of them properly. Thank you for all the info brother!

You’re not cruising. You’re still on cycle.

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fuck, your all in with this sarms stack wtf hahahah

Alright so cut the sarms then😂 the reason is I have a four sarm stack that came in one, got two months worth of it. Thanks for the help guys. I was under the wrong impression on sarms I guess, was told by several ppl you can pretty much always run them but sounds like this is not the case

bro after 2 days+ running LGD you will understand !

Lol yeah man I already feel the fuck out of that lol. I knew it was to good to be true😂 we’ll then the question remains, you guys think I can add a little of my bull back if I just cruise on 250 a week and eat in a slight surplus or just hope to hold what I got

Thats what people don’t understand ! how a product can be so strong after 2 fucking days with out any side effect ! sarms are exacly like gear

but yes i think you will be able to get some muscle back if you eat in a slight surplus ! why not ?

Lol yeah man my lifts started going up even tho I cut out all the other stuff after I started Lgd. I knew there was a catch Haha

And alright cool. I was hoping that was the case to atleast get around where I was before cutting, or close. Thanks!

you can still run LGD with your test

Maybe I’ll just run Lgd then. I’ll look into it some more, I wouldn’t see why I couldn’t necessarily, but I’m also not an expert on what it does to your body’s levels of everything. I’ll probly get flack for saying this but my trainer is an IFBB pro and he told me it was completely fine to run it . But I still wanted to see what kind of answers I got here.

its more because you said you were crusing but doing 4 x sarms instead with the t

Ah ok gotcha . This is my first time not going off between cycles so I’m still learning. :facepunch::facepunch:

so that mine with that sarms stack your still on a good cycle ! i think you wont have to eat a surplus to grow some muscle man hahaha

Just an update, now I see why everyone saying the sarms still like being on cycle😂 did my in body today and I’ve gained muscle and lost fat despite coming off a cut and going into a surplus. All lifts are up, crazy fucking pumps. Almost better pumps then on gear pretty nuts. ( I’m sure part of the awesome pumps are my raise in carbs Ofcourse as well after being on the cut)

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