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Bulking at Start of Cut, Keep the Gains Better?


hey yo.
quick question. I recently did sust cycle, 1st cycle.
put on about 20lbs in 3 months. body fat about the same,maybe small bit up.
wondering about doing longer cycle next year. sust & ai. (as i have some sust already)
my question is. if I kickstart the cycle with lets say dbol for 5 weeks. and do a mini bulk during those weeks, if i then start cutting for the summer after those 5 weeks while still on about 500mg test sust per week. would i maintain the mini bulk gains as i am still on test during cut?


37 views and no replies?
am looking for helps


You didn't provide a whole lot of information, so there's no way to really know. I don't know how aggressive your cut is going to be (how much weight you're cutting), what your workouts will look like, what your diet is like, etc. What kind of answer did you expect? Of course you CAN keep gains when you cut. You can continue to make gains when cutting as well. That doesn't necessarily mean you WILL.


apologies for lack of info.n and thanks for the reply.
diet is spot on.usually eat over though.
weigh 200lb atm, 6.1ft probally about 17% bf as am in mid bulk.
eating 4000 kcal, over 250g protein a day
carbs and fats fill in gaps, but heavy on carbs training days.
lots of raw veg also

doing ct superhero training program and then maybe some german volume training during the cut.

In march was thinking of this
week 1-16 test sust 500mg
week 1-6 dbol 40mg
week 10-16 maybe a bit of winstrol?
cloimid & nolva pct
maybe hcg towards end of cycle
I say maybe as i can get it but depends on cash then
I would be starting my cut on like the 7th week, along with clen, aiming for 2 lbs a week.
I guess I was wondering if I should try this plan or just do a longer cut ?