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Bulking at a Pizza Shop?


My Workout Partner is Bulking , however he works at his Familys pizza s hop all week usually between 2-3 to 9-10pm. We're not sure wether pizza would be okay for bulking, though he can make any kind of pizza he wants at work and eat it thats no problem. He has accsess to all the ingredients, like

  • all vegitables
  • all cheeses
  • All meats,

He cant screw with dough though like put stuff inside it but he can make like thin crust and all that stuff. What would you guys reccomend him having on his pizza, doesnt even have to have sauce on it if thats an issue or whatever might be, just throw some ideas. Thanks.


Once his macronutrient needs are met, I'd load up on as wide a variety of veges as possible.


you should be following some macros at least roughly, and paying closer attention to scale weight and bf %.

so you would adjust the pizzas accordingly, less crust, less cheese, less sauce ect.

unless youre just shit bulking.


Typically you do not want to mix a lot of fat and carbohydrates regardless of bulking or not (carbs boost insulin and fats are stored when insulin levels are elevated).

I would say to leave the meat for seperate meals and perhaps split things up.

Meal one (2-3 PM): A few slices of pizza made with low fat cheese (part skim) and vegetables. High carb, low fat. Add protein shake.

Meal two (9-10 PM): Meatballs, side salad. Moderate fat, low carbs, moderate protein.

One or two days per week (depending on intensity of training) he can have a cheat day and just pack down the pizza - eating an entire meat lovers pizza is well over 1,000 calories and should give him a good mass boost. Doing this everyday would just make you fat.


I'm not convinced by this argument, fats significantly decrease the glycemic load of a meal (which I believe would mean the insulin response would be blunted - slower absorbtion). I honestly don't think it makes a difference in the long run if you seperate them or not.


It would depend on the type of pizza he makes.

Honestly, make it a thin crust, reduce the amount of cheese and pile on the meat and veg.




If you have access to chicken to put on the pizza, I'm sure that would be fine to throw on since it is very lean and you wouldn't need to worry about a protein shake also. I think that it also depends on how much weight your friend wants to gain. Obviously he doesn't want to get fat, but he can put whatever he wants on it if he just needs to gain weight lol.


great suggestions!,

We also had few more questions:
- Which cheese would be best to use feta,mozza,chedder, if it makes a differance?
- Which meats are better to use ie. chicken being lean as "ebomb" said.



With the cheeses, out of those I would say any go because either way there's a high fat content. However, you might wanna try and put less cheese on. Chicken is great, if you have access to ground beef that is awesome too.


I think we're all making this way too difficult.

As, RSGZ said, make it a thin crust, reduce the amount of cheese and pile on the meat and veg.



My family owned a pizza shop for about 7yrs and I worked there for about 50hrs a week for many summers.

With the amount of foods at my (and your friends) finger tips, it's impossible to find a reason NOT to bulk.

Load up on meat and carbs, pizza is a great way to do that.

It all depends how "clean" he wants to bulk. Even then, between wraps, thin crust and salads he'll be ALL SET.

But pizza is amazing. :slightly_smiling:


Eat as much as he can of any and all types of pizzas, and when he can't eat anymore - force more down. Just do morning cardio if fat increase is too fast/much.


Great Suggestions guys! Yeah I think its best to keep it simple in getting all the carbs and meat in, thin crust and pile on the meats and veggies , also eating salads and all that, Now im feeling jealous that he can bulk far much tastier than I can =[. Thanks everyone.


watch piling on the meat depending on what kind it is, a lot of the stuff at a pizza shop is going to be mostly fat and can sometimes have suprisingly little protien. If they have chicken or turkey or canadian bacon that would be great and of course some meat is fine but you could definately overdo it with the sausage and bacon and pepperoni in my opinion.


yeah but they taste SO GOOD!

i loved making a pizza with pepperoni, sausage and bacon :smiley:

but i also made lots of thin crust buffalo grilled chicken with swiss cheese as well.


If he doesn't gain fat easily, I'd simply eat as much as humanly possible.


Buy a fork. Eat the meat and veggies off the crust. Throw the crust away.




Skip the crust, and eat the whole food.