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Bulking at 18%

I am new to this site, i have a bodyfat of 18%, and weigh 180lbs, i am hoping to bulk up to 190lbs or 200 in 3 months, the only problem is people say no matter how clean i bulk, i will gain fat, is that true? and moreover, if i did decide to bulk as clean as i can, should i be reducing my carb intake and do a 30 50 20 ? and eating 500 more calories than my maintenence?


Before anyone can tell you what to do, here is the $64,000 question: Will you be “okay” with walking around at a pretty high bodyfat percentage for the next 4-6 months or so? Here’s why I ask.

If you “bulk” up to 200 lbs., you need to stay at that weight for at least 8 weeks to get your body used to that weight. It will take you another 10-2 weeks to get here. If you just diet right after hitting 200 lbs., you will lose all or most of the muscle gained.

So if you aren’t prepared to walk around at 200 lbs. with 20% or so bodyfat, don’t even think about “bulking.” You will just ruin any progress you have - essentially wasting a year’s worth of training.

So you must honestly answer that question before anyone with any expertise can answer your questions.

As I know - at 8-9% bf 4/5 of the weight you get on is muscle (if your training and nutrition are good) and at 15% the muscle is 1/2 of the weight gained. From there it gets worst, I never try to gain above 15% bf - try to get to a single digit fat or at least 11-12% (upper pair abs visible) then eat big and clean for quality gains…