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Bulking and Shakes at Night

I am currently on ABBH and was wondering if taking in a weight gainer at night would be beneficial to putting on quality mass.  I am leaning towards making my own because the ones they sell have a ton of sugars.  Any suggestions as to whether this sounds like a good game plan are more than welcome.  

As for the shake I am thinking the protien powder, milk and all natural peanunt butter. Anything else I should dump in there?

I usually prescribe to carb + protein or fat + protein combos. My last meal before bed usually only involves protein and fat. So i would have Low-Carb Grow! and some peanut butter and some nuts. Or some olive oil…etc.

What your are considering taking is Milk + Protein + Peanut Butter, which would be protein, fat and simple carbs (lots of sugar in milk).

If you want to have a carb + protein meal before bed, i would say perhaps a cup of oats and a pure protein shake (no addtl. carbs) that will absorb slowly throughout the night as opposed to a sugar that will spike your insulin so late in the day.

2 scoops Low-Carb Grow!
3 tbsp pb
1 tbsp flax oil
5 fish caps

690 calories
Low carb, high in good fats and protein.

I suggest mixin the pb and the Grow! in a bowl with a little bit of water. It is damn good. I would not recommend adding the flax oil to the mixture though, just take it separately. All the calories of a weight-gainer and no shitty ingredients.

Good luck


Does “shakes at night” imply that you get up in the middle of the night for an additional feeding? In that case, I would make sleep a priority and only consider it when waking up for the toilet. I definitely wouldn’t, as it has been stated on a similar thread recently, set the alarm and purposely interrupt sleep which is essential for your goals.

That being said, I agree, P&F seems to be the best alternative in this context. I am by no means anti-moo-juice, but milk is probably better consumed at other times of the day, although it is hard to say anything specific based on the information at hand. Personally, I like my shakes with natural peanut butter and ground flax seeds.

The shake at night will be taken prior to when I go to sleep and not in the middle of the night. I’ve read milk is a great bulking source. Does that include skim milk? Also, where can I pick up the fish caps and what nuts do you recommend? Aside from eating often and a lot (quality food), are there any other bulking tips you’ve come across?

I greatly appreciate all the responses.


my bedtime shake includes 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow!, 2 tbsp p.b., 1.5 cups cottage, 2 tbsp flax meal, 2 tbsp wheat germ, 1 cup choc carb countdown, 2 tbsp oil (flax, olive or macadamia), and enough water to keep it from getting too thick. i found that adding some splenda makes it much more enjoyable.

more importantly, you’ll find plenty of additional suggestions here:


i like the taste of peanut butter in a shake a whole lot better than cottage cheese, but i find i respond better with the cottage cheese before bed than the pb. unscientifically of course but my experience has been consistent.

i consume a bunch of milk and cottage cheese but i dont eat/drink any before bed because the calcium can interfere with optimal absorbtion of my ZMA.

im pretty sure good old fashion meat is a nice, “slow” protein.

eating meat also lets me sleep easier since im not waking up to take a leak 3 hours later.

any high protein/fat meat is a good choice for me.

besides, i get plenty of shakes through out the day and some decent whole food is always good.

i like a can of chicken or tuna with my favorite fatty dressing…4tbsp of ranch. add a handful of fishoil and/or whatever healthy fats you like (udos etc)and you have a pretty decent bedtime snack.

you could even add some low-carb veggies for obvious reasons.

i have, in the past, actually had “bed time steaks”! nice…

train hard,
ryan b.