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Bulking and Rippetoe

Hey guys,

Need to get a bit of advice on something I want to try and pull off over the next few months.

I want to for the GOMAD(Gallon of milk a day) full fat bulking setup aswell as some impact whey protein (unflavoured), is the whey ontop a bit of overkill?

I will be doing Rippetoe’s starting strength 3 days a week training.

At the moment I am 6ft tall at around about 168 pounds, im looking to put on as much weight as possible at the same time training to keep healthy.

I’ve probably missed out tons of vital information that you need to answer this question properly, so feel free to ask me anything you need about my thread.

Thanks in advance.


Follow Rips program (it is nothing new but it really, really works for a great majority if you can tolerate milk)

REALLY drink a gallon of milk a day everyday in addition to eating regular meals. Why are you worrying about adding whey protein? You can if after eating all of your regular meals and drinking a gallon of milk you can still put down more “whey protein”.

Follow Rips program.

I think a gallon of whole milk has about 150 grams of protein. If you add that to what I assume is about 50-100 grams for a person who happens to weigh 168 lbs you have more than doubled their protein and calories. Past a certain point I am not sure more is better…

I have read some of your old posts. You have really seemed to jump around a lot.

I would like to merely repeat.

Follow Rips Program, for real

Post again in six months…

When I comes to beginer lifters Rip one of the best, I have met and trained with the man follow the program no subs as best you can and you will see the results

While you are insanely skinny, I think:

[quote]Cryptology wrote:
im looking to put on as much weight as possible [/quote]

is a horrible mindset.

I would focus on looking to put as much muscle on as possible, while tolerating some fat gain also. Your strength and muscle increases have to be there to justify the fat gain. Just pounding a fuck load of milk and then half assing it in the gym, getting fat, isn’t a good approach.

Read this:

That is one of the most informative threads on this board for many reasons. He gained 100lbs of body weight for a net 10lbs gain in the end.

Is getting soft because you are eating enough to be setting constant PR’s and actually looking like you lift weights with a shirt on okay? Hell Yeah.

Is getting fat okay? No.

Don’t pound a gallon of milk a day because a book tells you too. If you are getting fat, put the fucking jug down and clean up your diet. But if your are drinking the milk, and actually starting to look like a weight lifter and not a sumo wrestler, then keep drinking the milk.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t fuck around. If you are going to eat/drink this much you best be busting your fucking ass in the weight room. Otherwise you’ll end up a disaster.

Thanks alot everyone for the responses, all of the above responses have been very constructive and will definetly help me along the way. I have attempted to train properly before a few months back, but my lack of consistenty was mainly due to my diet as I was not sure what to be eating, hopefully this GOMAD approach aswell as my normal eating will help me alot.

Thanks again.


[quote]Cryptology wrote:
hopefully this GOMAD approach aswell as my normal eating will help me alot.[/quote]

That’s the thing to remember… it’s the milk in addition to your regular foods. Eat as you’ve been eating (which should be a decent amount already) and add in the gallon throughout the day.

Keep an eye on the scale and your strength. Both should be gradually and steadily on the way up each week.