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Bulking and Recomping?


So hypothetecly, if i bulk up from 75 kg to 100 kg within a year, say i go from 15 % bf to 20 % bf, can i just recomp for say 6-7 months and drop down to 15 % bf at 100 kg? Seems superior to cutting since i just want to maintain performance while being reletivly lean.

Any thoughts?

Lol 25kg of LBM in a bit over a year n half? Good luck :smile:

In a word, no. If you add 25 kg in a year, at least 20 kg of that will be fat, more likely 23 kg. You just might be able to get to 15% bodyfat after that in six or seven months, but you’d probably lose a decent chunk of the muscle you gained.

Your best bet is to get away from the cutting and bulking mentality. Start eating a bit more than you do now. If the scale goes up and your waistline stays the same, chances are you’re adding muscle. If nothing happens, eat more. If your waistline goes up, eat less. Play around until you find that sweet spot. Any time you stall, add a little more food until you get moving again.

You could count calories if you want, but not everyone is wired to find it anything other than a pain in the arse. You’ll probably do fine eating lean meat, rice, potatoes, oats, whole milk, olive oil, some fish and vegetables and avoiding processed food and junk.

Intra workout nutrition is useful, so Plazma or Mag-10 would be something I’d highly recommend. If money is tight, any waxy maize/BCAA/citrulline blend will do but won’t work as well as Plazma.