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Bulking and Losing Body Fat


Around a month ago I started working on bulk (about 4000 calories/day with partial body split). However, I finally accurately measured my body fat a few days ago, and it turned out to be much higher than expected - around 22%. What I'm curious about is if it's possible to lose fat while still trying to bulk, whether through HIIT worked into my usual program or otherwise. If not, I'm open to suggestions as to what to pursue first - fat loss, or mass. Any help would be appreciated.


I thought I was eating 4000 a day too, turned out it was more like 8000. :confused:

Find your ideal caloric intake, search "the truth about bulking" by Thibs and absorb it.


Read up on carb cycling. I think 22% is too high. Try to stay within 12-15 or wherever works best for you. i.e. cut to 12, clean bulk to 15 and repeat.


It is very hard or next to impossible to bulk while losing fat. I would say you need to decide what is most important to you at this point. I agree with Stuward 100% - his program sound perfect.


So you were happy with your level of bodyfat, until you had it "accurately measured" and now you're bothered by the number?

Am I reading this correctly?


At 22% you CAN bulk while losing fat, no problem. Don't even worry about it.

I would suggest ignoring the 'carb cycling' idea all together. Forget counting calories too. Seriously.

If you want to bulk you going to have to eat like a horse but your going to need whole nutritious food that focuses on macro-nutrients & micro-nutritents consumption.

You don't grow by eating 5 "Hot N' Ready' Pizzas from Pizza Pizza and to hit your desired caloric intake.


I agree.

Fix the diet while bustin ass in the gym and include some regular cardio, and your body composition should improve.


I agree with eating a clean diet.

I do not agree that you can gain significant amounts of muscle WHILE dropping significant amounts of fat.

Pick one and eat for it. When you've reached a satisfactory level of progress, take a month to eat at maintenance, and then do the other one.


Best post.


I'm extremely thin (around 160 lbs. at 6'1"), and had not to now noticed what felt like any significant amounts of fat on my body - aesthetically speaking, while I lacked definition I also seemed to have very little visible fat stores. The measurements, especially in abdominal and thigh areas, proved that wrong. So basically, I look much leaner than I actually am.


Did your parents drop you on your head, by chance, when you were a small child?


First post by you was okay.
This post, not so much. Horrible.


I managed to lose 4% BF and take my weight from 172 to 178lbs in 6 weeks.

But for this I say the formula is

20% diet
30% training
50% supplementation


Really? I think mr popular has been spot on in this thread.


The recent Waterbury article (along with reading up on carb cycling)seem to make the most sense. I'll try those methods. Thanks for the advice.


Care to elaborate on what you did to achieve these results. What was your workout plan (lifting and/or cardio), how much were you eating relative to your maintenance levels, what supps you're taking?



Why don't you take a wild ass guess...


Yes it is possible at that body fat percentage. IMO it starts becoming very hard to lose fat/gain muscle once your body fat percentage<18%.


Thanks Trextecy...your response was very useful.

While we're at it let's just shut down this whole message board and there's no need for any more articles to be written either. If Berardi wants to know anything he should stop reading research reports and doing studies and just make "wild ass guesses".

Next time you have nothing to say...you should stick to saying nothing rather than clogging the boards with useless crap.

The original poster asked the question of whether he could lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I'm sure that he wanted more than "yes" and "guess how to do it".

Of course I'm sure you already knew all of this...you know everything.

Not sure why you're even here.