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Bulking and Hot as Hell!


Presently I am on a bulking phase with some Legacy MAG-10/Carbolin 19. I am massively eating ~4000+ cals/day, everyday. My workout regime is ABBH. Surge during and PWO.

I have found that my gains with the MAG-10/Carbolin 19 seem more fruitful than my last MAG-10 cycle, less fat gained, more LBM.

So I finding that I am always hot...is this a function of the food or the stack?


I'm taking Carbolin 19 by itself and I'm always hot.


It is the summer after all :slightly_smiling:


You're just using a lot of energy. I've read that each ATP hydrolysis yields 80% of its energy as heat.

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I find myself getting really hot whenever I eat. I actually like the feeling. Can't explain why it happens tho.


Not for nothing, but at your current caloric intake, you are not going to get the maximum benefit of using Mag 10. Based on the numbers in your profile and the parameters in Growth Surge II (at one workout per day), your intake should be ~5100cal/day.

I just finished a two week MAG-10 Legacy cycle. During this cycle, I started at ~6000 calories a day and by the end, I had to eat ~7000 calories a day. Not lying, I gained 20lbs of which maybe a pound or two was fat. I'm going to post my pics at the end of summer (after another Growth Surge cycle preceded by a couple cycles of the One Lift a Day program; this is the same mesocycle I used for my current gain).

BTW, I have never sweat so much in my life as when I use MAG-10 and bulk eat; Embrace it as it means your body is growing.


I can only estimate my calories.

8oz steak (pot roast)
peach and 16oz milk
6oz low-carb yogurt

1 grow bar and 2 scoop Low-Carb Grow!
6 flax oil caps (60 cals)
2 salmon oil caps (20 cals)
chix salad (lettuce/tomato) sandwiches on low-carb wrap
chix breast, humus, mayo, lettuce/tomato on low-carb wrap
16oz milk

two Grow! bars and 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow!

8oz meatloaf
1/2 a summer squash
1 scoop Low-Carb Grow!
serving of homemade macaroni and cheese

post-dinner snack
16oz milk
1 Grow! bar
LC yogurt (plus a scoop of oatmeal)

pre-bedtime cottage cheese and oil
6 flax oil caps
3/4 cup whole cottage cheese

So, I suck at cal counting, what's your estimate?

This is about what I eat everyday...on workout days add in 600cals from Surge (1.5 scoops during, 1.5 scoops after)

presently I'm not doing anything besides ABBH on "off" days.

Grow! bars=600cals
Grow! drink=550cals
LC yogurt=200cals
cottage cheese=200cals

2620cals plus meats/sandwiches

Seems about right to me.


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