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Bulking and Face Fat


Howdy all..

Just a question I'm on a bulking phase and found it disturbing that my face is getting rounder and chubbier. Normally i'm a full faced guy, this is greatly exacerbated once i get on the bulk. My jaw line is disappearing and my cheeks are getting rounder and rounder.

Is there anything for me to combat this without losing my gains?


maybe try carb cycling. That can bring it down some. At least for me it does. But it kind of comes with the territory if you are adding too much body fat, then it starts adding up.


Are you getting fat everywhere? Or just your face?


I think we can assume it's everywhere.


Grow a beard, cover it up.


Bring your overall calories down a little. That's pretty much the obvious without getting into details.


Yeah; eat less.


I spot reduce my face when bulking by doing my face exercises.



About 5 years ago, topical fat-loss sprays were all the rage, and I remember that some people reported mild but noticeable localized fat loss when applied directly to the face.

The active ingredients in these were often yohimbine and caffeine, plus some absorption agent, so you could argue that the "results" might have been due to a diuretic effect.


Thanks all.
Deciding to cut out one of my meals and trying carb cycling (high carbs on workout days).. also gonna hit the treadmill up on leg days.


mmm im willing to give this a try.. where do i find it?