Bulking,and cutting

My mehod of bodybuilding is to bulk all winter and get big and fat and then when spring starts i loose bodyfat and get cut up fast. but this time my bodyfat wont go under 10%…can anyone help me in this situation.

Your approach has way too many flaws in it. Bulking has nearly no benefit for those who strive to eventually be super lean. are you getting adequate and quality protein? Without seeing your diet, I’d say start there. Without seeing your training style, I’d say assess it. What are you doing now?

Jay, while I agree that his method has flaws, bulking up helped me get to the size I am now. I don’t see too many people flying past those who do put on more weight in the “off season” in terms of muscle mass built over the same period of time. There are limits, but unless you have gained as much by staying lean as most do by bulking up, I wouldn’t judge it as having no benefit.

My phrasing was a bit extreme, huh. his method, getting big and fat, is subjective. If he means approaching it like some pro BB’ers and put on weight for putting on weight’s sake, without regard for the % lean to fat, then I have to stand by my statement. If he means to get fat like going from 8-12%, (or whatever, super lean to just lean) then I see your point. Too many variables.