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Bulking and Cutting


Weight: 163 lbs
Height: 6ft1 (185.5)

Big 3 for around 4-6 reps, 1 rep max is higher:

Bench press: 176 lbs
Squat: 154 lbs
Deadlift: 198 lbs

2 questions really...

I've been doing a lot of cutting recently managed to get from 170 lbs to 163, I've been doing a lot of abs exercise, dieting well by reducing calories and carbs and also been doing HIIT every other day. Although after all this hard work I still cant see my abs, they there because my stomach is solid, but the layer of fat over the top wont reduce. I was wondering what a good weight to get to in order to make them visable, taking into account my height and weight now?? Any suggestions would be good...

I'm just about to enter my bulking phase and have just ordered some creatine. Have been taking regular protein shakes also. My aim is to put on a lot more muscle mass then when I cut again hopefully look a lot better. What would be a good weight to bulk to again for my height?

Thanks people.


You know what you have to do. So do it.

No one can tell you that. No one knows how you store fat, how much fat you will gain, which of your muscles will grow fast and which ones will need special attention... etc etc etc

I cna tell you, as someone your height, you will need quite a bit of muscle to fillout. So get to work.


You shouldn't have a target weight, but should simply go by how you look in the mirror. Some people can weight X amount and look huge, while others can weigh the same and look lanky (this has to do with more than just height though).

Focus on putting on muscle, don't obsess about getting a little 'soft', but don't use it as an excuse to become horribly obese either. Obviously you need a good deal more muscle than you have to look decent at 163 lbs (I'm 5 inches shorter than you and my contest weight is 12 lbs more than that!)

Push hard, but be always honest with yourself about your progress.



Ok, thanks

I've never done the whole bulking properly, so I assume that you suggest I should increase my weight? I know that I need to in order to gain strength and muscle mass.

Any suggestions on a good way of doing this, such as particular diets... I'd rather not get too fat...


There is about 101 articles on this site alone about nutrition and work outs. Start at the beginner section and read the stickies.

"I'd rather not get fat"

Get rid of that mentality. It's negative and counter productive.

Just lift hard, eat lots and let the mirror be your scale.