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Bulking and Cutting Steroid Opinions

Thinking to start a cycle.I have done my research and am looking to hear if this is a good and typical Dbol and winstrol cycle.

Dbol 6weeks 30 mg a day with test E 500mg a week.
Sups will include milk sickle and a pct.

winstrol 4 to 8 weeks 30 to 50mg a day with test E.
Sups will include milk sickle and pct and some kind of joint sup as well.

Do you see anything im missing or should add to these two cycles?

Never a good start for a thread in the Pharma section. I see this going poorly.

Well, you’re certainly not a doctor.

Whether you’re dumb or not will depend on whether you come to your senses after the tough love that is likely coming at you in the next few posts.

Invoking the phrase “muscle confusion” is not helping the situation here.

This is always a red flag. When someone’s first post of a thread says that they want “opinions” but that they don’t want criticism, it almost invariably means that they know their initial premise has a serious flaw (in this case, that you’re a 154-pound kid that’s been training for 2 years and somehow think you’re at a point where you need steroids to continue progressing) but want to give yourself a screen from the inevitable “YOU FUCKING TOOL” posts that are (deservedly) coming, so you lead with a plea for people to not criticize you, even though you are absolutely deserving of criticism.

So here’s the “facts/knowledge” for you.

  1. You aren’t even close to being ready for steroids.
  2. Your workout routine is probably shit (the phrase “muscle confusion” is the tipoff there)
  3. Your diet might be good, except that you’re obviously not eating enough to fuel continued growth (steroids don’t make you gain muscle unless you’re eating enough food to fuel growth, so until that’s fixed, you’d be wasting money on the drugs that you ought to be spending on more quality food)

Other than that, though…uh, looks great!


Do people not read other threads before they post in this section, this poor fella is going to get destroyed


I think it’s fairly obvious that they usually don’t. It happens in all sorts of Internet forums, to be fair, but it seems especially common in the Pharma section on this website. Someone claims that they have been “researching” for months, but they obviously haven’t taken the time to read even a small handful of threads in this section, otherwise they would’ve known how this is going to go.


I do quite enjoy watching it unfold though and see if the poor soul can take the punishment, the first time I read anything on t nation it was in this section I was considering taking my first cycle and I looked at a few threads and said no I need a lot more training before I even consider this


there is only one thing that can save this thread:



Are you still 6’1" and 154 pounds with 2 years of training under your belt? Yes?

Then my opinion hasn’t changed.


No matter how you word it… I still think it is a terrible idea and you really have no idea about what you are doing. Just stop before you get your feeling hurt because people are telling what you need to hear instead of what you wanna hear. This happens weekly…