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Bulking and Cutting in Single Cycle

Hi im planning to do 18 week cycle. Currently im on week 5 bulking cycle which is as below. Then after 12 weeks I would go to mini cutting cycle. Diet is 3400-4000cal on bulk cycle depending on workout type and strict macros. For cutting maybe 1800 cal or below with only 100g carbs everyday and other macros filled the remaining calories. Is it okay with my current layout?

Test e 500mg 1-13
deca 400mg 1-10
dbol 30mg 1-5
arimidex .5mg eod

Then 1 week gap before pinning listed below gear:
test prop 100mg eod 15-18
tren ace 75mg eod 15-18
Cardarine 20mg ed
Cardio 20 min after workout eod

then for pct:
mmx pct 20-24 or Nolvadex 20-26
cardarine and mk2866

Thank you.

That’s not pct. That’s just another (albeit weaker and less effective) cycle.

Why would you bulk, spend all your time trying to build to a new set point, then immediately starve that newly earned muscle of the calories it needs? Cycles are for a purpose, not a dual purpose. A cycle that is set up for bulking and cutting is a jack of all trades, master of none. Do one thing well on cycle, rather than two things not so well. Just my thoughts. Others may disagree.


When you try to do two things at once then neither one gets very good results.

I don’t know your history but you are running nandrolones back to back. That tren is going to hit while there is still some deca in your system and you don’t have any progesterone support listed. It’s a personal choice and if you have the level of experience to do this then go on.

I couldn’t find “mmx PCT” but I have a feeling it’s over the counter supplements. Those things at best only help marginally. Stick with Nolvadex. As far as the sarms in the mix and this applies double for PCT, just don’t. At best any sarm is ok ish as far as effectiveness. You are already using injectable AAS, those definitely work and work well. Save your money, sarms are for people who don’t want to inject AAS.

I use to try to gain then cut in a long cycle, it never produced exceptional results. These days I lean mass gain then at the end I will up my reps and go at a faster pace to try and help add some definition, harden and hopefully get some of the extra water out. Even if I add in some winstrol this never really produces exceptional results. What i think it does is help solidify my gains which in turn helps me keep what I just built. After I stop the cycle this lean mass helps me burn more fat than before the cycle and that’s where the “cut” comes in.

I think for the long run your best results would be had with something like this. Take the first part of this cycle and stretch it out another 2-4 weeks. Just add the same amount of weeks for the test and deca. That deca will help you burn fat it is actually a great fat burner but people tend to mass gain with it. Go for lean quality mass because the mass will increase your daily calorie burn and that will help increase the fat loss. I would try to gain at least for 12 weeks after that you can increase reps and cardio for whatever remains. On cycle your lines might be a little soft but once you PCT and all the extra water comes off the definition will get to show. There is really nothing you can do about the extra water on cycle except try to eat as clean as possible, watch the estrogen and have some good sweaty workouts. That should keep it in check.

I think the arimidex dosage is ok during the dbol but when it’s just test and deca I would start off at 0.5 mgs on the days you pin the test, assuming you take two equal shots per week.

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