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Bulking and Basketball


Alright, i want to start bulking up.
I have a 36 inch vertical leap
i run a 4.5 40 yard dash
Im 6'1 205
I want to get around 225, but if i start bulking will i lose my athleticism, and thats something i've worked so very hard on and i dont want to lose it.

I've read dave's bulking tips, but im just concerned about my gaining this weight and my athletic ability.



Adding quality muscle mass does not inherently suggest loss of athleticism.
if you want to add 20 lbs in a month expect a good portion of that to be fat.

What are your goals and why is your vert. and 40 times applicable.
It would stand to reason that as you get heavier it will be increasingly difficult to keep these times and heights, UNLESS, you train very specifically for this.

Maybe need a little more info to fully answer your question vs. goals.


Why do you want to gain weight?
What position do you play?


I play shooting guard and small forward, and im playin football next year too. But i do work very hard on running and jumping.

But some of my goals are to keep most of my speed and my vertical but i really just want to increase my power.

But say if i gained 20lbs in the next few months, and i get alot stronger but a bit slower, and after im done bulking, i start cutting, will my athletiscm come back?


If your train correctly (i.e not using a powerlifting program), you will get stronger and more explosive, not slower. Check out joe kenn's tier training. Just do a search on this site.
Good Luck


If you add these 20 lbs. in the next couple of months you will for sure lose some of your quickness, agility & inches off your vert. Because it's going to be alot of fat that you add.

If you keep up your training, bball, jumping program & quickness etc. you might, might add 5-8 lbs. with hard training & some top notch supps. over those few months.

Just add quality muscle, what the hell is the rush? For you as a bball & footballer player it's better to add slowly so your body can adjust to it & you won't get slow etc.if you keep up what you've been doing already.

Post up some more info for us.


Well im not really in a rush, its mostly just for football, but i'm just wondering whether it will affect my athleticsm for basketball. But i guess putting on 20lbs maybe be alot for what im going for. So maybe ill put on 10 or 15 pounds in a good year.

But my current routine is basically, bench, squat, deadlifts, good morning, and olympic lifts and light plyometrics. The olympic lifts im doin are-Clean and Jerk, Clean and Press, Power clean, and push press.