bulking after t-dawg v 2.0

I’m currently on meltdown training coupled with t-dawg diet v 2.0. Once I got my bf around 8%, I’m planning to do use mag-10 to bulk up. Since I’ll have to take in tons of p+c meals during the mag-10 phase, I’m afraid I’ll get too fat, since my body is not used to high carb diet again. What is the best way to transition from t-dawg to the bulking diet? Thanks.

Ease into the extra carbs and calories,dont just jump all in one week or whatever.I also wouldnt start taking the mag10 until your cals are up to where you want them to be so you can take full advantage…

thanks, dave. mind being more specific? i know the big picture… like easing up and stuff, it’s just i need more details… :slight_smile:

currently i’m taking in 2250 cals on weight training days and 1750 cals on non weight training days. i weigh train 4 times a week using meltdown.

my stats: 152 lbs, probably around 10% or so.

bump! please help…

What specifics would you like to know?Im sure you already know that you should take in a C+P for breakfast and then save the rest of your C+P`s for postworkout…pwo should look somthing like this:

Surge or similar right after workout

45-1hr later somthing like oatmeal,rice,or sweet potato+ lean protein source such as chicken or lean beef(keep the carbs high at this point)

2 hrs later start to taper carbs off so maybe a meal like before without as many carbs

2 hrs. later i usually go back to P+F meal

so that makes 4 total C+P`s with 3 of them coming where they need to be…hope this helps,if you have more questions i will answer the best i can…