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Bulking After a Cut and Insulin Resistance


I was 195 and maybe 17-20% bodyfat and am now 166 @ around 13-14% bodyfat. I am done cutting and would like to begin bulking. I cut to become more insulin sensitive and at one point my fasted glucose went from 100 to 80-85ish. Now after attempting to bulk with large amounts of carbs (200-400g on workout days), my readings are back where I started.

What macros would you suggest if I want to bulk and become more insulin sensitive? Would eating only 150-200g of carbs a day centered around my workouts and getting the rest of my calories from healthy fats and protein be a good idea?


You lost almost 30 pounds but only 4-6% body fat? That's pretty much the most depressing thing I have heard this week.

As for diet, why don't you try bulking on the Anabolic diet or some other cyclical ketogenic diet. That way you will be using insulin strategically one window per week instead of daily.


First, there is no science shown yet that would indicate someone's insulin sensitivity" would be better just because you are now 14% as opposed to 20%.

You had about 155lbs of lean body mass before.

You now have about 140lbs of lean body mass.

You lost the little muscle you had. That is what regulates your metabolism more...not just a body fat reading.

In short, you cause more damage by losing that much muscle than by being as fat as you were.


I assume those BF numbers are either guesstimates or calipers? As others alluded to if those are correct you lost as much muscle as fat. But either way throw that out the window...

Do you have a current nutritional plan? Do you count macros? If not you have to start somewhere and slowly build up from that point, emphasis on slowly build up. I've been adding 20grams of carbs or so and then adjusting after 2-3 weeks as needed.
Also it's more than just macros that dictate bodyfat gains, it's also how often you workout, the level of intensity, any cardio etc.


Don't bulk and don't cut. Just eat at maintenance. If you bulk, you'll most likely end up where you started in terms of bf%. Pain in the arse to then have to cut yet again. 13-15% is a good bf% range and your body won't fight you on gains if you eat at maintenance. Heck, you can even go down to 11-12% and then eat at maintenance at that point and still make some gains.

But, you can do whatever you want I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: