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Bulking Affects CNS Gains?


Been bulking and don't seem to be gaining strength at all, I gained size for sure. I workout 4 times a week focusing on low-rep work. Never tired at all while executing low-rep work, so I assume I'm fully recovered. I also sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Recently bought ZMA and decided to use it to see whether my strength gains improve.


What is your routine?


If I had to hazard a guess right off the bat, it would be that you haven’t been adding more weight to the bar. But as Ecchastang says, we need more specifics.


I doubt you are putting any effort into your workout.


[quote]Sweetcries wrote:
Been bulking and don’t seem to be gaining strength at all[/quote]
A full 7 weeks ago you were complaining about the same problem.

So you’re saying you’ve still continued to gain size (at 20% bodyfat) without significant progress in strength? Dude, your training and your nutrition are seriously screwed. It’s not your CNS and it’s not something ZMA can help with.

Lay out your week’s training plan (the days, exercises, sets, and reps) and an outline of how you’re eating (specifically what you ate yesterday).

Also, what are your current maxes in the basic lifts, what were they 7 weeks ago when you started that thread, and what were a few months before that?