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Bulking Advice?


How bad of an idea would it be to add 4 1/2 lb Beef and potato burritos from Taco bell to your diet.

Its something like 2200 cals and 60 grams of protein. I am broke and these are on the dollar menu lol.

Sometimes its really hard for me to hit 4000 cals a day on my budget and eat it "clean"... so I was wondering what some of you guys thought about adding in fast food like this. I just need to find a cheaper way of getting in the proper amount of calories.


here's a little bulking shake my mother used to make me:

1 cup olive oil
1lb pennsylvania dutch scrapple
greens plus

put in a blender and enjoy. you'll pack on the pounds in no time.


It depends on how concerned you are with staying lean (or at least keeping fat low). If you have an easy time staying lean or don't care if you (to put it bluntly) get fat, go for it! Taco Bell is actaully not that bad for fast food when compared to other chains. You can usually find nutrition facts on company websites or at least request for it to be sent to you. good luck.


dude...As teens its not a bad idea for us to do this. Right now im trying to bulk and i eat shitty food like 20% of my diet. 80% the time i try to eat clean...but fast food def helps to get calories in. I would do it dude...whatever fat you gain you can lose.


I say give it a go.

If you put on too much fat you can always come and join us on the 'bulk belly' thread.


Holy shit

Thats around 900-1000 fat cals and around 300-400 cals of protien

Unless your drinking that throughout the day I would say thats a litte too much. Not to mention scrapple is around 2.99$ a pound and olive oil at around 10$ a bottle.

But yea I doubt that including fast food in your diet would effect you in a negative way as long as you didnt do it on a daily basis.

I would also suggest eating a peanut butter sandwich and a 16oz glass of milk right before you go to bed.


Fast food's fine.

Especially for those with wicked fast metabolisms.

You won't pack on fat, I eat more fast food than at any other point in my life right now and I have the most mass I've ever held along with low enough BF to see striations in some parts of my body still.


What the fuck is SCRAPPLE??????


You can also eat the shit out of peanut butter. That's better than Taco Bell, and it's great with milk for extra calories. Add a banana and you have a muscle lunch.


Its block of meat that you eat for breakfast. You slice it up into thinner pieces and I belive you fry it. Never actually made it myself. They have different types of scrapple, beef, turkey, and pork.