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Bulking 6 Weeks, Little Progress. Advice?

Hmmm another piece of knowledge in Pwn’s Arsenal. What is this “Brawn” sir.?

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Bingo. OP: Work out hard, eat lots of good food, and come back if you’ve not made much progress in 6 months.


A book, written by Stuart McRobert.

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I’m gonna buy it

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Assuming I believe you. And I kinda do. If you can’t eat any more food - eat more of the food you need.
@alex_uk added cream to his protein shakes, I’ve added salad cheese to every dish know to man. And nuts are your friend. 500 calories per 100g.
Pick higher calorie food. Avoid sugar and you’ll be sweet.


Awesome dude. If you’re looking for recommendations, I’d “Powerlifting Basics Texas Style” by Paul Kelso and “The Complete Keys to Progress” by John McCallum. You’ve already got Super Squats, so that’s a great read as well.


Yup lots of really solid advice here, stats will definitely help tailor the advice, as a skinny dude myself I struggled hugely to gain weight in my 18-25 period, being younger does make it harder but it is definitely possible. Tracking your weight is essential to being skinny and gaining weight, tracking food is useful when you are new to this, a few years of experiencing different ways of eating and training you’ll build up your understanding with regards to your body and how it reacts and you don’t need to track things so much.

One piece of advice which is going against the grain of the things here, but as a skinny dude constantly battling my body’s desire to look like a tooth pick, I feel happy giving, don’t be anal on clean eating, if you’re struggling to eat enough and not gaining (this is after tracking so we actually know if it really is slow and not that you’re being impatient) then don’t worry about throwing in some junk. My former favourite was to get 3 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s take the buns of 2 and have a sextuple cheeseburger. Cheapish, high cal & protein and you’ll be hungry again sooner than you’d expect.

As Carl mentioned cream, cheese and nuts (nut butter) are your friends, I used to also drink 2 litres of milk a day but now lactose intolerant.

In terms of feeling sick, I’ve thrown up before gaining weight, it sucks, it’s a painful slog but you can do it, just commit to the mental battle that comes - every single day. Because that’s the other thing you can go crazy and eat high for 4/5 days but the moment you back off your body will immediately dump all weight, it has to be every single day for months/years.

I’d also recommend holding a high point once you reach it, don’t cut, hold it for 6 months/a year to make sure your body gets used to being that weight and you’ll probably find you don’t need to cut, but want to gain again.

Long ramble over!


I’m so fucking jealous of your starting point lol. I began lifting weights and weighed 196. Today I weigh 194 13 years later :grin: Would’ve loved to start with your frame, leanness, and only needing to stuff my face.


I don’t think you could do better than taking him up on this


For me at least, it’s only hard to eat 3500 clean calories (the foods that are exactly the opposite of caloric dense).
I could easily eat 5000 calories of junk any given day (thats barely 1 XL pizza from Pizza Hut), but that is of course not healthy.


Did you record this journey in your log or elsewhere?

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Conveniently enough, this was the post that was ignored.


Weird how that works


I really admire your willingness to do this, by the way.

I genuinely hope one day someone takes you up on these offers and follows through.


Thanks man. Me too! That would totally be worth $10 for me.

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And yes I like the mcdonalds idea :joy:
Every Wednesday me and the guys go to maccies and I’ll get a bunch of extra patties for my cheeseburger, (this is like my cheat day :joy:) and it doesn’t even cost me that much. I also drink at least a litre of milk a day, aim for 2, but I’m not the biggest fan of it tbh so I dont always manage it

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I’m back :joy: didnt ignore it on purpose, but thanks for the advice man ill definitely have a look

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Haha my mates say the same thing :rofl:
I guess it is a good start point tbh

Ok cool

Thanks for the advice, definitely trying to eat more and move less :joy: