Bulking 4 Days/Cutting 3 Days?

Any nutrition folks out there think its possible, or even effective, to perhaps bulk 4 days a week and cut the other 3 or some combination of the two? Is it feasable? A waste of time? Let me know your thoughts

All of the following is conjecture. Just an educated guess on my part. No research, other than with my own body.

I think if you do this, you’ll just end up making your body very unhappy.

You need nutrients after you lift, for an extended period of time, in order to grow muscle.

Why not try a nice 3 or 4 week cycle for bulking, and then try a cutting phase? I believe most people would recommend even longer cycles, but really, I think that’s the minimum I would ever try.

No. It takes weeks for your body to fully shift from bulking to cutting or vice versa. All you’ll be doing is sitting in the middle.

(This advice IS straight from my doctor, btw.)