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Bulking 3 Months, Should I Cut?

 Hey everyone.Kinda new to the site.But anyways heres my stat.Im 5'4 shot I know who cares.about 15 inch biceps,wt is 156 currently an about 12%BF.Should i really try to cut now? im not comfortable at my weight because im trying to get defined an ripped.

But the last 3 months ive been bulking.So if im about to continue to try to cut I need a good diet plan I cant find one anywhere.Appreciate the help.



If you want to lose some fat then check out Berardi's stuff here. You can also look at Christian Thibaudeau's articles. I like to stay in a clean bulk cycle for a while. At least 6 months but if you think you've put on too much fat then go for the cut. Just don't constantly flip back and forth.


well what are your goals?


154 at 5'4 is a decent weight. I say cut until you reach about 8%, then mass again if you don't like what you see.


The next time someone tells you that you have to "bulk" to get big, stick your fingers in your ears, say, "la la la la, I can't hear you," and run (don't walk) away....

Get the weight off now, then once you've reached an acceptable bf %, start honing your diet to build lean mass. Slowly increase you protein, calories, etc., until you start to lose a little of your cut, then back off a bit, maintain, then repeat every couple of weeks. Let the mirror be your guide as you fine tune your diet for maximum muscle gains while maintaining your leanness.

Packing on unnecessary fat while adding muscle mass, cutting while adding muscle mass, and maintaining leanness (btwn 7-10% bf) while adding muscle mass are very different. The first is antiquated and counterproductive; the second is extremely difficult/unlikely; the third is the most efficient, but requires a greater degree of attention to detail in diet, routine, etc. than the first, i.e., there is less room for error, but the rewards are well worth it.



alright guys thanks alot.I think im gona cut like I've been trying to do then put on mass.


Didn't Justin Harris say that the best BF levels to gain muscle are between 10-12%? Why not try to add some more muscle before you cut, summer's pretty much over anyways.