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Bulk Workout Check


Just want to check that this program is even and balanced enough for good gains in size. Its an adapted 5x5, and i just want to focus on mass and size for 6 months especially in legs, and biceps (my lagging parts). Advice on switching anything or if its too focused on one area is really what i am after.

The idea is to increase weights every week by 2.5kg on big lifts and increase on 'feel' for the smaller ones. The extra lifts i inclued are all compund because i want mass. After 4 months i am going to try and increase reps on sets and cut back to 4 sets to switch it up and hit higher rep ranges for more growth.

Is this good for overall mass? I'll be eating 3200ish cals per day which is about 500-750 above maint.

Its an ABA program


Squats 5x5
Bench 5x5
Rows 5x5


Squats 5x5
OH Press 5x5
Dead 3x5

Then Mon, Wed, Fri I have the following spilt


Dips 5x5 Superset with 5x5 Chins


Crunches + 10 minute treadmill interval training.


Chins 5x5 giant set with dips 5x5 and pull ups 5x5

Thanks in advance for taking time to look at my post! Please dont flame, all i want is advice. If you dont like something please be constructive :slightly_smiling: Thanks!!!!!


Just to add, I have been lifting 1 year, and want to really focus on the 'big 3' to get some good functional strength and a good base for future lifting. I also figured that these compunds were the best for size?


So your goal is to get big, but which of those exercises will take you there? Just squatting and chin-ups will not get you massive legs and arms.


What will? I'm not just squatting the program has bench press rows dead dip ect also


Why adapted? Get the Madcow 5X5 spreadsheet if you want. 5/3/1 book is under $20.

Don't reinvent the wheel, roll with it.


lunges, leg press, hack squat, leg extension, leg curls, front squat

bb curl, db curl, hammer curl, pushdowns, extensions, cgbp

to name a few. My arms grew the best when doing two bicep sessions each week.


Best $20 ever spent.


As I am Canadian, and our loonie is higher, it cost me $18.93.

And the 5X5 is free for fuck sake. Just download the report.


I didnt think madcow was for size? It only has one working set


Instead of thinking, why don't you know? Read up on it and learn.

Like the 5/3/1, the spreadsheet does the work for you. Just input numbers and you have an idiot proof way of lifting, gaining strength and size.


Aren't you lifting weights for those other 4 sets? They do all add up to some work being done.

Just to add in here, based on your previous threads, you're really getting hung on on finding "the best" program. Stop it. You're going to end up mindfucking yourself into a circle of non-progress.

You've got to man up, settle on one well-designed program that's been shown to work for a ton of people in the past (that actually covers 5x5, 5/3/1, and the GVT you were asking about previously), and get to work while focusing on eating enough.

I suspect you're underestimating how crucial the nutrition aspect is, because I've seen several threads where you ask kinda-related program questions.

If your profile is accurate, you're 5'9" and 190 and you're just finishing up a cut. Is that all correct?

What are your current best lifts in the squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, pull-up, and row?


Hey Chris,

Yeah some of the posts were by me but on behalf of friends. This one relates to me, GVT and HCT didn't.

I am 185ish now at 13% thats correct.

I do appreciate your comments.

Current best lifts are as follows...

120kg bench 5 reps

120kg squat 7 reps (hence needing to bring this up)

185kg dead 1 rep

70kg Press 7 reps

80kg row 5 reps

pull ups i can do 8-10 on bodyweight