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Bulk with Warrior Diet?

I want to after my current easy strenght 40 days program start mass made simple (temple from tnation with use 5/3/1 rep/set) and bulk for long term until a ill gain 30 pounds.
Because im typical skinnyfat (6.6, 185 lbs) and i love intermittent fasting I would like to use my modificated 5/2 diet from TC during bulking.
I will be training 3x a week and for 5 day (Mo, Tue,Wed, Fri,Sat) I will be eating 3200 -3500 kcal In 3 meals (150 - 170g P, 300 C, 160-200g F). At thrusday and sunday a i want to used warrior diet (20/4) with 1000 - 1500 kcal per day.
Could by this healthy a good way od bulking for whole long term?

Have you ever taken into consideration that these 2 things may be related?

I would stick with the nutritional suggestions Dan laid out. At your height and weight, I do not see you having much growth by spending so much time not eating.

No. As punny alluded to earlier - you are trying to get bigger by eating less.

As 6’6 I would bump this up to 200g

FTR that isn’t a warrior diet on those 2 days either. Warrior diet involves periods of undereating and overeating. It’s not really a fast and it wouldn’t be that low of calories for the day (you don’t count calories on that diet).

I’m not sure what you are really hoping to achieve. You can still bulk while doing full IF if you’d like (16/8, 20/4, “warrior,” 5/2, 1 meal a day, whatever). There just may come a point where you need to open up your feeding window to get the needed calories in. Totals matter more than anything else, however you want to structure your eating patterns is pretty minor. Though a little fasting fairly regularly is probably good for you.

Is it even possible to be “skinny fat” when you are 6’6 185 lbs? That would look rail thin.

Thanks all of you for comments. Yes I am typical skinny Fat, every one say to me i should need get weight. But I have belly fat, big butt, thin arms and so.
I just want to gain weight without a lot of fat and still goes healthy way. I tried 16/8 but I lost muscle a gain fat, but energy was great. I am confused.
I want to (have to) eat in surplus during 5 day a another day a want eat warrior/ OMAD.
150-170g protein intake is by TC formula 1.62kg per kg.
I used to eat 150 g P, 320g C, 60g F and i had best shape of my life. I was 190lbs with under 10% body fat a muscular but I still look thin.

If would be some way how to bulk with IF I’ d like do it. Really. But i have experience even i was in surplus i lost muscle

How exactly do you know you lost muscle?

I lost size. My chest and espicially shoulders got smaller. But around belly i got bigger…

you can absolutely bulk on IF but you’re misapplying the diet. You’ll really struggle to bulk on the 5/2 diet. It’s a weight loss diet.

You can look worse and not be loosing muscle, especially if you are skinny fat. Where you measuring your waist? There is a deadzone of fat loss where you look flatter and not yet lean.

If I were you I’d mark progress more by performance on a few compound lifts. It’s going to be more quantifiable and objective than looks.

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as a slight aside - anyone else think the 5/2 diet is kinda silly? The few calories you eat will stop a lot of the benefits of being truly fasted.

I dunno; always seemed to make a lot more sense to me to just have a true 24 hour fast rather than have a few hundred calories which’ll stop all the nifty fasting benefits like autophagy…

Same with the warrior diet.

Additionally eating a little always makes me far hungrier that not eating at all.

I think is it just an excuse/a way for coaches, trainees, authors to allow binges. If you deduct 500 calories for 5 days suddenly you have an extra 2500 calories to stuff your face with on the weekend. IF, 5/2, warrior diet, carb backloading it is all the same shit. Unless you are truly fasting I do not see any real benefit.

Try eating 3 decent meals with protein, carbs and fat in it. Then have some protein rich snacks like nuts, fruit, milk, yoghurt, protein powder, cheese, cold meats/canned fish, bread, eggs, jerky, dips etc. in between.

I don’t have a cool name for this diet but it will work.

During IF i used to eat 2 big meal and it was great for my schedule.
One meal contained 60-80g P, 80g F and cca 80-120 C. I started eat at 12 am a second meal was dinner. My training is usually around 6-8 am. When i tried add snack/3 meal a felt horrible. I have to have max. 2-3 meal a day. I can easilly eat 6 eggs, one cup lentlis, soup, 40 oz potatoes, nuts and tons vegetable…

The Downside of Between Meal Snacks

Research shows there is a downsize to between meals snacks.

  1. Refractory Period: Research demonstrated Muscle Protein Synthesis is optimized when meals are consumed every 4 - 5 hours; which produce an anabolic “Muscle Building” effect.


Muscles are like sponges. When the sponge is dry, it absorbs a greater amount of water. When the sponge is soaked with water, it absorbs nothing or next nothing.

Muscles respond the same. As with a dry sponge, muscle are most receptive to Muscle Protein Synthesis when they are “Dry” and ready to absorb amino acids rather when the muscle is “Soaked” in amino acids, unable to absorb them.

  1. Fat Burning Restriction: Between meal snack do not increase your fat burning metabolism; it shuts it down.

Between meals snacks increase insulin production. Insulin shut down the fat burning process.

  1. Increased Fat Burning: Skipping between meal snacks minimizes insulin and increases the fat burning hormones: norepinephrine, glucagon and a few others.

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