Bulk Whey vs Major Label Stuff

Hey guys, may have been discussed before but just wondered if there were any real reasons to spend more money on major label whey as apposed to buying it in bulk? I know major label stuff tends to have things like added bcaa’s and glutamine and sometimes creatine but i get my whey and other supplements in bulk and mix them myself.

Is it just down to ease that people pay more or am i missing out on some crazy ass muscles by getting bulk? I’m prepared to spend the extra money, but only if the gains will be worth it. Anyone experienced any major difference btween the two options? Cheers guys.


I wouldn’t be worried about the “gains” that you’re going to get from your standard protein supplement. My suggestion, by bulk and use the money you saved to invest in quality whole foods to fill out your diet.

Cool. I’m working on getting the diet right and only use the whey when i can’t stop for a meal and pre/post workout. Thanks for the response.

It really doesn’t matter… I mean, if you wanna save money, get the bulk. Never felt any difference when it came to gains because I always make sure that as well as the whey, my nutrition is always on check. I prefer buying the label stuff but on the days I’m really broke, bulk is enough. And it last longer. And I’m happy :slight_smile:

I bought bulk once, and it was the worst protein…in the WORLD.

Serious, by the time it was finished I just wanted to throw it out. There are probably whey (funking pun-y) better bulk options out there though.

I get 5lbs of delicious whey with the BCAAs etc. for about $40US and I’m in Asia so I think that’s fine.

I don’t worry about absorption rates and all that because I too figure it’s good to just get some easy 25gs of protein in here and there. So if you find a bulk one that tastes good then I’d go for that too.