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Bulk up and get faster

I play football and am wrestling for my
high school. I played offensive and defensive
tackle and I’m on the kickoff team for my high school. I run a 5.8 40-yard dash. My max on bench press is 180 lbs. I’m 5’10" and weigh 150
lbs. I know I’m very small for a tackle. I want
to get a lot faster and bigger with mostly muscle mass. I plan on doing track this year too. Please give me all the information that you have. Thanks for all the information from this whole site.

To get faster in sprinting, start prioritizing box squats and romanian deadlifts. Only three weeks after i started box squatting, i felt like superman and jumped really high too!! Keep in mind that if you get heavier, you might get abit slower too. I assume that your bodyfat ain’t that high but just be aware of this if you start throwing in loads of fat.