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Bulk Then Cut Post PCT?

I’m currently taking 500 mg test enathate a week and 40 mg of dbol(heart shaped)ed. will run the test for 10 or 12 weeks and the dbol for a total of 6 weeks
Im 2 and a half weeks in. Loving the dbol, the strength gains are good and ive gone from 233 to 248.

My Question is how close after the bulking cycle and pct do i start my cutting cycle?
Ive got test e, clen and t3 for the cutting cycle?

Cutting with Test E, Clen, and T3 seems like an awful idea. It’s not my place to make recommendations, but Winstrol, Masteron, and Tren are probably more appropriate choices. You should probably mention your stats (including BF%) if you want any help with this.

Dropping fat on test is fine. Clen will help. T3 may be excessive, and probably is. Cutting for a contest with test e, clen and T3 probably isn’t ideal.

You should cut when the newly accquired body mass no longer becomes a major struggle to maintain. If you gain 20-25 pounds on this cycle and retain 18. Try to hold that 18 for as long as possible. When your body gets used to the weight then start to drop fat.

After a fairly lenghty cycle like yours I would normally wait 2 mos., but thats just me. Decrease work volume for a couple of weeks as your natuarl test is recouping and slowly rebuild volume, while increasing cardio preping for the cutting stage(keep calories the same before cutting).

I personally like to take a whole week off of EVERYTHING, preparing my mind before embarking on a cutting cycle(okay maybe a couple of 20 min runs for sanity sake and also keeping my calories within reason 3,000 or so max) Then focusing on the battle at hand. Oh yea, back to the question (I got excited).

Test is fine for a cutting cycle I would say 400-500mg/wk, along with the clen 2wks on/2 off(on the off, weeks ECA). The T3 I go 50 mcg for 5 days, 75 mcg for 5 days, etc up to 150 mcg until its time to start cycling back down 125 mcg/5 days, etc down to one for 5 days. I kno its kind of expensive, but If ya can get you hands on some Tren and Winny as fore mentioned that would be I deal especially for the last 3 to 6 weeks dependant on budget.

Tren @ 75mg/day, Winny @ 50mg/day, Test @ 250/wk. Cut out the test the last 2-3 weeks and get ready PCT and to start drying out. Have fun guy…btw stats?