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Bulk Then Cut...or Cut Then Bulk


Which do YOU think is better for success for someone thats got some fat but doesnt have to much muscle? My pics are in the "Why dont i look like a fuc@ing monster?" thread if your wondering


Why should you cut when you don't have the size? Try thinking logical.


Deliv, i know what youre thinking, when i first started years ago, i too was fat and had that weighing me down. Save yourself the mental torment. Youd be better off Bulking for years and then cutting rather than cutting, thinking you need more muscle, bulking, cutting cuz you lost your abs, and so on. TRUST me.


The choice is your decision. Cut if you feel you have enough size, bulk if you feel you don't. That being said...you're 19, nearly 6 foot at 167 lbs and at an average amount of body fat for your age...if you cut, you'll end up being 150 lbs and look sickly. You're young and in my opinion should continue eating properly and put on size.


buddy, if recall your 19 and have been working out for 2 or three years.
Eat everything in sight (quality food not mcdonalds and fries) and work your ass off for the next 5 years, then when your 220 lbs, worry abut cutting. I wish someone had told me this when I was your age, but I was too afraid to eat and gain a little fat--stupid me.



why not just eat a slight surplus of good quality food, train hard, and sleep well? Then see where that takes you?


Depends how much fat. If you want to lose fat start with that first or at least as your primary goal. Do a lot of weight training with goals of practicing good form, better endurance, and smaller waist area. Once your happy with your fat levels start working on muscle. Unless you are a skinny guy who lifts heavy without gaining weight "Eating everything in sight" is probably not where you want to start.


Just take a look at his weight and height. Would you advise someone with those stats to cut more weight on a bodybuilding forum?


Just eat clean while satisfied and work out as hard as you can and if you get stronger and don't increase your waist size then you got it down, if you increase waist size then I would decrease any simple carbs that are not pre or post workout. Do not diet while you are working out( decreased calories), just eat food from the meat or produce market and you will not get fat, if you are truly working out hard. Increased muscle will increase your basal metabolisism.Decrease %BF by increasing muscle mass.


OP, you need to gain significant size before going into a fat loss phase.


Bulk. At 167, cutting to what? Bone?

Bulk. Are you sure you have lifted for two or three years? Really? At 167? What have you lifted?

Bulk. A bunch. Get yourself up to about 225-235 over the next two years.


Then cut.


I second that. With a half-way decent program and some relatively clean foods, you should be able to recompose your body steadily and not worry about it. Dont think too hard. Go to the gym, smash ****** weight, eat well, rest, and your golden.




I'm not very good at judging body composition based on height/weight unless they are close to my height. We also don't know if the stats are correct/up to date but I do see your point.


No Fat, no Muscle = bulk
No F, some M = bulk
some F, no M = bulk
some F, some M = bulk
LOTS of F, no M= cut, then bulk from a fresh start.
Lots of F, some M= cut cuz that's a bulking gone wrong.

Let's end this bulk or cut nonsense!


I'm surprise that this thread hasn't gone epic yet.


Do you have any threads with a plan? Instead of these depressed ass threads?


Just train hard you'll get both, for example if your 200-25% body fat then your 150 lean, well (theoretically) lose 20 lbs of fat, gain 20 lbs of muscle. and bam-200 lbs equaling 170 lean. you'll looked as if u cut and bulked simultaneously. so train intensely, eat enough protein and other quality nutrients, and try all intensities of cardio. there u go, magic program without puzzled decision.


I really hate the whole bulk cut thing. But I also dont believe in eating 100% clean all the time. People need to just find a balance where they are in a mostly constant mass gaining phase so that they dont have to cut down everytime warm weather rolls around.


I should probably clarify that post- That def. does not go for competitors. I mean the guys who just want to be big and strong as as possible without aspirations to step onto the stage.