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Bulk Suggestions


6ft 1

Any suggestions on diet or is it solid.

Meal 1 6:00am
3 large eggs
8oz milk 1%
1 cup spinach (raw)
1 Apple
1 cup oatmeal
Total Calories 771.6 P=41,C=100,F=22.4

Meal 2 8:30 (pre)
1 cup oatmeal
4 large eggs
8oz milk
1 banana
Total Calories 819.6 P=46,C=97,F=27.4

Meal 3 11:30 (post)
2 cups chocolate milk
3 large eggs
1 cup oatmeal
Total Calories 954 P=49,C=109,F=36

Meal 4 3:00
6oz chicken
5oz potato
1tbsp udos oil
1 cup carrots
Total Calories 538 P=53,C=42,F=17

Meal 5 6:00
6 oz steak
5oz potato
1 cup broccoli
Total Calories 543 P=48,C=34,F=24

Meal 6 9:00
6oz salmon
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup bell pepper
1 tbsp mayo
Total Calories 533 P=65,C=15,F=25

Meal 7 11:00
8oz milk
2tbps peanut butter
.5 cup cottage cheese
Total Calories 378 P=32,C=19,F=19.4

Total for day
Protein= 326g
Carbs= 413g
Fat= 156.2g


Your meals look fine...but whether it is good for you or not is based on if you gain muscle doing it. Nothing else. At least it isn't mac and cheese 6 times a day.

For the record, if you can eat like that daily, that is great. I wish I could have in college....but what I don't like is the assumption I think some are making that if you can't eat like this that you shouldn't even try with foods that don't make online nutrition nazis cry.


What time do you go to sleep? I see your last meal is at 11:00.

If you go to sleep not long after 11 I would suggest( personal opinion) to cut down on the carbs if you can. I know there low. Thing is you already worked out and are about to go to sleep.

Sleep in, well sleep. It involved no physical activity at all. Carbs tend to get stored as fat if you eat them before bed.

Overall your daily diet looks really good. You will gain a lot of clean size on this.

Do you drink any protein shakes?
What about fish oils?


First 3 meals are put in a blender and same with last one. I run a kitchen at a steakhouse so I can eat whatever I want. So convenient be around food all day.


They do ?


yeah this is news to be too.... classic bro-science


of course its broscience. cant get away from it. I eat 80g of carb before bed and do just fine