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Bulk, Stay or Cut


Since January I have gone from 165 to 180. At first, the gains were great although I realised my bodyfat was creeping up. I have been doing the Scrawny to Brawny program (Berardi and Mejia) which includes a great diet and training program.

Admittedly, I have not stuck to the diet as closely as I should, although the gains were a welcome relief because I thought I was a hardgainer (you’ve just got to eat!!!)

I would like advice on wether I should do the same program again, and stick to the diet closely, or if anyone else has had a recommendation on a great program.

I would like advice on wether you think I should bulk, stay at about the same weight while trying to improve body composition or cut up.

So, in conclusion, I am asking for:

  • a program you have had success on
  • wether I should bulk, improve body composition or lean out.

I am unsure as my bodyfat is higher than I would like, although trying to get ripped now may halt progress.

My stats:
20 yrs old
180 lbs
Bodyfat rough guess: 15%


If the program worked for you and you were happy with the results so far, then do it again and bulk. If you keep it steady without cycling bulking/cutting, and depending on how big you want to get - you can continue up to say, 210/220, and then cut down from there about 1 year down the line.

If fat gain was a bit of a problem, then tighten up the diet like you said, or you could throw in a couple sessions of cardio on you off days.