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Bulk Progress


Here's the earliest photo I could find of myself. I know it's pretty pathetic but this was actually 4 months into my training (you don't even want to know where I started).


And here's a picture of me now, five and a half months later. My short-term goal is to lean out (I've never seen my abs before in my life) and get a tan. Then I want to continue gaining mass/strength. Here's my current lifts:

Deadlift: 325 pounds
Full Squat: 230 pounds
Clean: 185 pounds


careful now, your head might pop off with that last pose.


Why don't you take a photo of yourself in the same pose as the first photo so we can actually make a comparison? As it stands, you look the same to me.


All right, here's my relaxed pose (as in this is how I would normally stand/walk).


Nice to see you working on that farmer's tan :wink:
Looks like you've got thick quads.
Maybe a little insight into your workout routine would help.

It seems like you have some priorities mixed up. you've put on a little bit of size and i'm guessing strength, but you don't have enough overall muscle yet to be worrying about leaning out.

A lot of people make the mistake of rushing into cutting or bulking, yet they don't have a good overall foundation.

My advice would be to work on gaining lean mass working with heavy/moderate weights and a good high protein diet. Don't overdo the cardio either. Moderate 2-3 times per week depending on your weight training routine is pretty sufficient.
O and go to the beach or something work on that tan, bud.


That's much better. You definitely got bigger, and should keep bulking full steam ahead so that you won't just lose it on a yo yo cut.


Looks like you done and gone the impossible, gained size and leaned out at the same time. Dont change a damn thing and see what happens in the next couple of months.


your tan is amazing

nice progress


Hit the bench press.


How tall are you?
Starting weight?

Weight gained in bulk? That's the title of your thread isn't it? It's about a bulk progress and you provide no data and a picture that isn't dramatic enough to see much change. Your legs look good though.

Start lift numbers?

How long lifting, program, diet? etc....etc

The lack of this information might hurt your ratings.


keep doing what your doing and report back in a year.


Your farmers tan has improved dramatically.



When I look at your face and upper body, (the before pic) and then compare it to your second (relaxed) face and upper body pic, all you have done is gain weight, period.

Bulk up? yep- you're bulking up just like a rubber ballon filled with butter.


I disagree


I started at 5'10", 130 pounds. I was 160 pounds when I took the first picture (yeah I gained weight fast, but I'd rather be skinny-fat than skinny-skinny). I was 180 pounds when I took the second picture. In the past 5 weeks or so I've dropped to 170 pounds while maintaining my strength. It might not look like it but if I pull the skin on my stomach tight I can see an outline of my abs. I think I'm gonna get down to 165 and then slowly add weight.

PS: Yeah my bench is weak and it shows in my physique. I've mad it a priority now.


Ditto. He's CLEARLY made some good progress for less than 6 months work. More muscle mass overall and he seems to have leaned down a bit in the process.

Don't bother cutting yet OP. Just keep doing what you're doing and study up here at T-Nation to help you keep progressing as you hit the upcoming (and inevitable) plateaus.


Just updating with some progress shots. Still sticking to the basics when it comes to exercise selection and working on adding size.




I need to work on my back, although it's a lot better than what it was.