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Bulk Ping Pong Balls


Very random question.... but , does anyone know where one would look to find bulk ping pong balls ? I need to find a supplier for a small business idea I have. I need to find a reliable, cheap supplier for repeat orders.

http://pingpongballs.net/products/Wholesale-%252d-Bulk-Silver-%252d-Gray-Ping-Pong-Balls%2C-40mm.html - These are basically what I want but are too expensive (28cents/ball)

http://pingpongballs.net/products/Economy-White-Ping-Pong-Balls%2C-38mm.html - These are priced well @ 11cents/ball but are of very poor quality.

How would I go about contacting the manufacturers directly? Where do you find this kind of information ?

Would they consider selling to me even with relatively small orders ? ($300-400)?

Help much appreciated.



Beer Pong Tourney I need to know about?



you can pretty much buy anything imaginable in bulk from there.


Awesome. Thanks,

only problem is that many want a minimum order of 100,000 +.....lol, we will see.


Probably more along the lines of this:


I had to quote this from your link:

â??Working 14 hours [a day] in a factory or blowing ping pong balls out of your vagina should not be a personâ??s only choices in life,â?? says Bien-Aime.



They may not have cheap ones but take a look at paddlepalace.com


Seen that before, it's quite a talent!


I don't what what a Ping Pong is, but I think if you make friends with your local butcher, they might give you a good deal on organ meat. I guess you could call balls organs.